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AVG Sells Free User Data

Free Isn’t Free: AVG Updates its Privacy Policy, Plans to Sell User Data

By now you’ve probably heard about AVG’s updated privacy policy. It’s being widely reported that AVG, an antivirus software company, has updated its policy to explicitly inform its free users that it can – and will – sell their information. This information will…

Tor: You’re Not As Anonymous As You Think

There’s quite a bit of talk about Tor this week. Yesterday an article was released with the alarming, yet unsurprising, headline: MIT researchers figure out how to break Tor anonymity without cracking encryption. The MIT researchers used a form of traffic fingerprinting to…

Golden Frog opposed to granting access to encrypted data

We Cannot Let the FBI Access Our Encrypted Data

During US Senate hearings yesterday the FBI and Justice Department continued their push for access to consumers’ encrypted data, citing it as “necessary” for law enforcement efforts.  Specifically, they argued that encryption is a barrier in the hunt for criminals such as pedophiles…

Data Privacy Day

Golden Frog Calls for ECPA Reform on Data Privacy Day

Every January 28th, citizens and companies from countries across the world honor the importance of protecting privacy on the Internet for Data Privacy Day. Data Privacy Day (DPD) is an international effort centered on respecting privacy, safeguarding data and enabling trust. As supporters…

The Lean Privacy Startup

(Editor’s Note: The following is a guest blog post from Tomás Touceda, Privacy Officer at SpiderOak)

I’ve had this subject in my head for quite some time now. Especially these past few months when privacy products are appearing left and right.

Be Safe This Summer - Travel Tips from Golden Frog

How to Safely Travel in the Era of Free Wi-Fi

The summer vacation season is underway, and while you may be looking forward to taking a few days off work, the thieves, fraudsters and con artists of the world have no intention of doing so.

Reset the Net

Golden Frog Supports ‪#‎ResetTheNet

Today, June 5, 2014, is the one-year anniversary of the first report about NSA spying based on the documents leaked by Edward Snowden. Over the last year, the continuous stream of news has confirmed what Golden Frog long suspected, your online privacy is…

DNS Logging

The Hidden Dangers of DNS

Our infographic, “The Hidden Dangers of DNS” explains how your DNS requests can be captured and logged by 3rd parties. Learn how you can prevent these breaches of privacy by using VyprDNS, which is built into VyprVPN, and increase your security online.


SXSW “Take Back Your Internet” Party Recap + Privacy Panel Video

We had a spirited discussion that covered the cultural, political and technological issues that affect online privacy. We co-sponsored a Take Back Your Internet Privacy Panel and Party with Giganews and Data Foundry on March 9th in Austin, Texas during SXSW. The event…

Take Back Your Internet

You’re Invited to our Privacy Panel and Party at SXSW 2014

It’s been a rough year for the Internet. With everything from the NSA controversy, to data collection by corporations, to the repeal of Net Neutrality, we could all use a good time. With that in mind, Golden Frog in partnership with Giganews and…