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net neutrality

San Francisco Appeals Court to Hear Challenges Against FCC

Back in February, we reported that over 20 states are suing the FCC in an effort to reverse the repeal and preemption of state laws. Additional suits have been filed by companies and organizations such as Free Press, Mozilla Corp., Vimeo, Inc., Public Knowledge and the Open…


New Censorship Bill in Turkey Shows Further Contempt for Digital Rights

A proposed Internet censorship law which would bring regulatory power of online content, including YouTube, Netflix, and personal social media accounts, under the domain of Turkey’s Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK), passed the Turkish Parliamentary Planning and Budget Commission late last month….

facebook privacy ruling

Belgium Rules Facebook Data Collection Illegal

Nearly three years after a Belgian court began its litigation against Facebook over privacy concerns, a ruling was made and the tech giant fell hard. Now, the world’s largest social network is staring down daily fines of €250,000 (approximately $300,000 USD) — up to 100…

Facebook snooping on users via VPN app.

Facebook’s New “Protect” Feature Protects Their Market Share, Not Your Privacy

A new feature appeared in the Facebook mobile app for iOS last week – a link labeled “Protect” which drives users to an App Store listing for Onavo Protect. Onavo Protect is a “wireless networking” application, or personal VPN. As you may know, VPN services encrypt Internet…

The Hill

From The Hill: Three Questions to Ask Before Downloading a Mobile App

In this op-ed from The Hill, Golden Frog Co-Founder Ron Yokubaitis discusses the importance of vetting mobile apps prior to downloading. Data collection is a brave new world for consumers and companies alike. There is no escaping it, nor is there the ability to avoid…

Canada privacy

Canada’s C-59 Bill Looks to Expand Spying Laws

Canada is under the microscope in terms of privacy lately, as the House of Commons recently deliberated a revamp to their national security laws. The legislation in question is called Bill C-59, which would grant security agencies additional spying powers beyond the gathering of information. C-59 is an…

Hotspot Shield in Hot Water Over Deceptive Marketing, Privacy Violations

Not So Hot, or Surprising – Hotspot Shield Suffers Security Vulnerability

Earlier this week, ZDNet broke news of a security vulnerability in AnchorFree’s Hotspot Shield free VPN service. A security researcher discovered an “an information disclosure bug” which leaked user data and allowed users of the VPN service to be identified. The leaked data…

UK spying on citizens for 17 years

UK Court Rules Surveillance Under Snooper’s Charter Unlawful

Citizens of the UK concerned about privacy can breathe a sigh of relief! The UK Court of Appeal ruled the government’s mass digital surveillance program unlawful last week. In motioning to reevaluate aspects of a law once named the most extreme form of surveillance,…

net neutrality

States Continue Taking on Net Neutrality as Senate Receives Official Notice from FCC

The United States Senate received the FCC’s official notice regarding scraping net neutrality regulations today, which marks the first step in the 60-day deadline Congress has to stop the repeal using the Congressional Review Act. States have also been tackling net neutrality since…

Internet Censorship in the Middle East

Iran Increases Internet Censorship, Blocks Social Media and Messaging App

Internet censorship in Iran continues to decline this year, as the notoriously restrictive country (Iran is repeatedly ranked “not free” in Freedom on the Net’s yearly report) blocked two communications platforms in January. Citizens of Iran took to the streets earlier this month…