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New Legislation Grants Australians Ownership of Internet Data

Set to be the biggest reform to Australian consumer law in a generation, the Australian government will be introducing legislation allowing consumers to access and own their data for banking, energy and telecommunications (Internet). The Consumer Data Right legislation will allow consumers to…

Freedom on the Net 2017

From Morning Consult: The Slippery Slope Gets More Slippery, Internet Freedoms Continue to Decline Worldwide

Golden Frog President Sunday Yokubaitis discusses the topic of Internet Freedom and the worldwide escalation in Internet censorship in this op-ed from the Morning Consult.  According to the highly anticipated study recently released by international watchdog organization Freedom House, internet freedom is declining around the globe for the seventh…

Cyber Monday, Cyber Shopping

Cyber Monday: Common Threats and How to Protect Your Privacy

With Cyber Monday – one of the largest online shopping days of the year – fast approaching, protecting yourself against cyberattacks is more important than ever. Cyber Monday this year is set to become the largest online sales day in history. According to…

Freedom on the Net 2017

VPN Use – and Restriction – On the Rise Around the World

Freedom on the Net 2017, Freedom House’s annual report that ranks Internet freedoms around the world, was released last week. The report revealed the alarming fact that Internet freedoms continued to decline for the seventh year in a row. This year’s report also…

WhatsApp Encryption

Indonesia and Afghanistan Increase Censorship, Consider Banning WhatsApp

WhatsApp was under the spotlight this past week as the Afghan and Indonesian governments considered banning the popular messaging service from their respective countries. WhatsApp enjoys widespread use worldwide, and gained increased popularity after promising to both implement end-to-end encryption and never compromise user privacy. WhatsApp’s…

Freedom on the Net 2017

Freedom On the Net 2017 Released, Reveals Internet Freedoms Continue to Decline Worldwide

Freedom on the Net 2017, the annual watchdog report by Freedom House that grades Internet freedom around the world, was released today. The report reveals an alarming trend – for the 7th year in a row, Internet freedoms worldwide are on the decline. Internet freedom…

China's social credit score has alarming privacy implications

China’s Proposed ‘Social Credit Score’ Brings Scores of Implications for Privacy

Back in 2014, the State Council of China published a document entitled “Planning Outline for the Construction of a Social Credit System.”  While the name is fairly innocuous, the concept it presents is far from. In this document, China proposes a national trust…

Letter to Apple about VPNs in China.

US Senators Demand Answers on Apple Censorship in China

Update – December 1, 2017: Apple responded to Senators’ inquiry about their censorious actions in China last week. In a formal statement given by Apple’s VP of public policy, Cynthia Hogan, Apple explained that although they aren’t happy about complying with censorship in China the…

There are many dangers associated with public Wi-Fi.

Don’t Use Public Wi-Fi Without Protection. Ever.

The Internet is abuzz with news of the latest Internet vulnerability, this time in a ubiquitous place – Wi-Fi Networks. While we already knew just how insecure Wi-Fi networks were, this latest discovery is raising alarm bells for a great deal of people….

Censorship Increases Ahead of Communist Party Congress in China

Intense Censorship Arrives Ahead of China’s Communist Party Congress

China’s Communist Party Congress is coming up this week, and in advance of the meeting many security, surveillance and censorship measures are being ramped up in the country. The Communist Party Congress takes place every 5 years, and this year marks the 19th…