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Golden Frog Goes to DC

Golden Frog and Data Foundry Meet with FCC Commissioner Clyburn

We had a great visit with FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn today, when she joined us for a tour at our sister company, Data Foundry’s, newest data center Texas 2. We shared our thoughts on many topics, including Open Access and privacy. Clyburn is a…

Net Neutrality's Turbulent FCC Path

Congressional Solution to Net Neutrality Should Focus on Return to Open Access

Net neutrality has had it’s day at the FCC, and the results are anything but shocking. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has had his sights on eliminating consumer protections, and accountability for Telcos since he was first appointed to his post in 2012. While tech companies are continuing to unify…

Golden Frog Goes to DC

Golden Frog Meets with Congressman Lloyd Doggett, Talks Open Access and Privacy

We had a great meeting with Congressman LLoyd Doggett yesterday, when he visited our offices to chat about the latest Internet and tech policy. We touched on a lot of topics – including hot button issues net neutrality, the escalating censorship situation in China and…

Net Neutrality's Turbulent FCC Path

Golden Frog Submits Comments on Net Neutrality to the FCC, Calls for Open Access

The FCC comment period on net neutrality closes today, August 30, 2017. Golden Frog, in conjunction with our sister companies Data Foundry and GigaNews, filed an official reply to the FCC with our comments on the importance of preserving an open Internet, which…

Open Internet

Electricity v. Internet: Why Do We Treat the Markets Differently?

First off, Net Neutrality is not Open Internet. For our purposes here, we will focus on defining the Open Internet, and how that framework was a critical part of the Internet’s inception, while the model is identical to how many consumers choose their…