SJ Res 34

Protecting the Privacy of Customers of Broadband and Other Telecommunications Services


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03/23/17 & 03/27/17 : Passed House & Senate Respectively

04/03/17: Signed by President and Became Public Law No 155-22

This bill blocked privacy protections for consumers from going into effect. These protections would have forced Internet service providers (ISPs) to obtain explicit opt-in permission from consumers before monitoring, collecting and selling their personal data.

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The good news is that not much changed for consumers, as the regulations to enhance privacy protections were never enacted.


This ruling means ISPs can continue to collect consumers' personal information and profit off it indiscriminately, without concern for legal recourse. The worst part is that the bill also includes language that prohibits "substantially similar" protections from being proposed by the FCC again. If a new rule to protect consumer privacy was created, it would have to be very different from this one.

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