H.R. 3175

The Online Privacy Act


2 out of 5

07/11/2017: Referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

This bill requires the FCC to do new rulemaking and promulgate some (but not necessarily all) of the FCC's original broadband privacy rules within 180 days. The rules must become effective within these 180 days. We score it a 2 for trying, but bringing back the old rules would earn it a 5.

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There are some good requirements in this bill, and many of the definitions and substantive resolutions are laudable.


There are some slight differences in how opt-in and opt-out would work that could lead to trouble. However, the bill doesn't accomplish the easier and more effective solution, which would be to directly reinstitute the old rules and then let FCC adapt with further changes when indicated.

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