S 88



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08/03/2017: Passed Senate with an amendment by Voice Vote.

8/4/2017 : Referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

Encourages federal agencies to embrace the Internet of Things (IoT), and convenes workgroups to advise on the issue. Also requires the FCC to study and report on IoT spectrum needs in an effort to encourage IoT use and development.

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The premise that the "things" need spectrum is wrong. IoT devices use the radios and air interfaces installed within devices. They can have many, or few, and can communicate using any band whether licensed or unlicensed. The issue is no different from other spectrum scarcity matters in this regard. The main issue is security, since IoT devices tend to be more easily hacked than other devices. It's unclear if the bill is needed, except to the extent that it encourages federal agencies to embrace the technology for their own operations. The industry is implementing through standards groups.


The potential downside is that there are some standards groups that are trying to fit IoT into a silo and lock in the major wireless companies as the sole potential providers. This is being fought out by industry groups.

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