Why use a VPN?

A VPN encrypts your Internet connection to increase your privacy, security and freedom online. VyprVPN secures your connection, preventing your ISP and third-party snoops from viewing your online communications, data or browsing activities.

  • Restore your online freedom. Choose a server location in a different country and browse the internet safely and securely.

    Secure Your Connection

  • Protect your data and secure your internet connection with VyprVPN.

    Protect Your Privacy

  • Bypass location-based IP blocking with a VPN.

    Bypass Restrictive Networks

  • VyprVPN

    US$5.00/mo* billed annually
    or US$9.95/mo billed monthly
    • 3 Simultaneous Connections
      Connect on three devices at once
  • Best Value

    VyprVPN Premium

    US$6.67/mo* billed annually
    or US$12.95/mo billed monthly
    • 5 Simultaneous Connections
      Connect on five devices at once
    • VyprVPN Cloud
      Control your own dedicated, cloud VPN server
    • Chameleon Protocol
      Defeat VPN blocking to bypass restrictive censorship