Your files are stored in many locations.

Dump Truck stores all of your files in one safe and secure location.

Access Your Files on any Device

Photos, videos and documents stored on Dump Truck are synced to all of your devices. Use Dump Truck to liberate your files and access them on all your devices.

Dump Truck Web App

Use the Dump Truck Web App to access and share your files from any web browser.

Folder List

Easily Access and organize your Folders and Files

Create Favorites

Use Favorites to bookmark Folders or Files for quick access

Use Drag and Drop

Quickly organize and move files around in Dump Truck

Share Securely with Friends and Family

Dump Truck allows you to securely share your files with Friends and Family. Share any file size - without limitations.

Expiration Dates

Set link expiration dates to restrict access to a limited time.

Password Protection

Add passwords to your links to secure access to a file or folder.

Your Stuff. Our Servers. No 3rd Parties.

When files are uploaded or downloaded to Dump Truck, Golden Frog stores your data not a 3rd party. Golden Frog is the only company storing your files to ensure they remain private and secure.

  • Store any File Size

    We do not place any limits on file sizes.

  • Unlimited Transfer Speeds

    We never throttle your connection to save bandwidth costs.

  • 256-bit Encryption

    256-bit encryption for data transfer and 256-bit AES on-disk encryption.

  • Secure Sharing

    Use passwords and expiration dates to secure public links.

  • We Store 3 Copies

    To ensure your data is never lost, we store 3 copies of every file.

  • No Data Deduplication

    We will not compromise users' privacy by using data deduplication to inspect user data to save on storage costs.

Secure your digital life with Dump Truck.

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