Attention VyprVPN for Android Beta Users! We’re Moving to Google Community

Our Product team works hard to improve our products, especially VyprVPN. This wouldn’t be possible without the help or feedback from our loyal users, including those that use the Beta app to give us early feedback.

We are moving access to the VyprVPN Android Beta version to our new Google Community page and consequently removing the Beta app from the Google Play Store on 2/8/2016.

Join our new Google Community page if you’d like to use Beta versions of our VPN for Android. VyprVPN will automatically update whenever a Beta version is available so you can test out the new features – no separate Android VPN app install necessary. Being a part of the Community also gives you direct access to our Product team and fellow VyprVPN Beta users, so check it out!

If you are using VyprVPN for Mac or Windows, you can opt-in to those Beta releases from the Settings area of the app.