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use a vpn for all travel this summer to secure yourself on wi-fi while on vacation

5 Reasons Why a VPN is Needed While on Vacation

Are you traveling somewhere exciting this summer? The amazing part about travel in the 21st century is that we can stay connected to everything that is happening at home, even if we are halfway across the world! However, with this luxury comes apprehension….

Connect to a VPN on untrusted and unknown wi-fi networks

Connect on Untrusted Wi-Fi Now Available on VyprVPN for iOS

We’re excited to announce that connect on untrusted Wi-Fi is now available on VyprVPN for iOS! With this feature enabled, when you connect to an unknown Wi-Fi network VyprVPN will automatically connect and encrypt your Internet connection. This keeps your iPhone, iPad or other…

VPN for Business Wi-Fi

Infographic: Why You Need a VPN when Conducting Business on Wi-Fi

Learn about the necessity of using a VPN when conducting business on public Wi-Fi. To download, click on the image and then right-click to “save as.” You can also read our blog post to learn more about the dangers of conducting business on unsecured Wi-Fi.

Business Wi-Fi VPN

Why a VPN is Essential for Conducting Business on Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi Networks There’s been a lot of buzz about unsecure Wi-Fi lately – and it’s not just hype. As the number of free public Wi-Fi hotspots continues to increase, so do the risks associated with using these networks. A few weeks ago, a journalist…

Dangers Public Wifi

Why You Shouldn’t Be Doing Work on ANY Public Wi-Fi

Ars Technica recently posted an article entitled “Why you probably shouldn’t be doing work on that in-flight Wi-Fi.” While we agree wholeheartedly that it’s dangerous to use Wi-Fi that doesn’t involve an encryption scheme, we don’t think the article is worded quite strongly…

Public Wi-Fi: Think Before You Connect

Public Wi-Fi: Think Before You Connect

There’s been a lot of talk about the dangers of public Wi-Fi lately. From a recent Digital Trends article outlining these dangers, to last week’s report of AT&T using an airport hotspot to serve ads, to Skycure’s recent study on unsecured connections at…

Be Safe This Summer - Travel Tips from Golden Frog

How to Safely Travel in the Era of Free Wi-Fi

The summer vacation season is underway, and while you may be looking forward to taking a few days off work, the thieves, fraudsters and con artists of the world have no intention of doing so.

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From Forbes: On Hotspots, Hackers Aren’t the Only Ones After Your Private Information

Golden Frog, operators of the VyprVPN service, established a standard for others to emulate last week by deploying it’s own VyprDNS service promising zero logging. Read the full article: On Hotspots, Hackers Aren’t the Only Ones After Your Private Information

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From Forbes: Public Hotspots Are a Privacy and Security Minefield: Shield Yourself

An axiom among network security pros is that you should treat public Wi-Fi hotspots like the cyber equivalent of public bathrooms: a convenience we all use, but only with the requisite hygiene. Read the full article: Public Hotspots Are a Privacy and Security…

Mobile Connect Anywhere Banner

Automatic Connect on Wi-Fi and Cellular Networks Now Available!

Public Wi-Fi hotspots at coffee shops, airport and hotels have become increasingly insecure. Cellular networks also share similar security concerns. Even worse, cellular carriers are also leveraging Wi-Fi to carry smartphone traffic in order to alleviate cellular network, compromising mobile communications. However, users…