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WhatsApp Encryption

Indonesia and Afghanistan Increase Censorship, Consider Banning WhatsApp

WhatsApp was under the spotlight this past week as the Afghan and Indonesian governments considered banning the popular messaging service from their respective countries. WhatsApp enjoys widespread use worldwide, and gained increased popularity after promising to both implement end-to-end encryption and never compromise user privacy. WhatsApp’s…

WhatsApp Encryption

China Expands Censorship, Blocks WhatsApp Messaging App

Censorship in China has increased yet again, with news this week the country is now blocking access to popular messaging service WhatsApp.  This move comes in advance of next month’s Communist Party Congress (we’ll be writing more about this next week – stay…

WhatsApp Encryption

WhatsApp Vulnerability? Safety of Encrypted Messages Called into Question

Febraury 1, 2017: In the weeks since the initial report on the WhatsApp backdoor, there has been much debate about the information presented. 30 security researchers signed a letter to the Guardian asking them to retract their origianl story for containing misleading information. Forbes…

United Arab Emirates UAE Fine for VPN Use

New UAE Law Implements Fine for VPN Use

Last week, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) implemented a new federal law instituting large fines for using a VPN in the country. This law is among a “series of new federal laws relating to IT crimes,” and can impose a hefty fine of up…

Brazil Takes Action Over WhatsApp Encryption...Again

Brazil Plans Bill to Regulate Access to Digital Data

As the summer Olympics approach, all eyes are descending on Brazil as they host this momentous event. However, in addition to news surrounding the Olympics, there has also been press around Brazil’s recent WhatsApp censorship and a new draft bill. In May we…

Brazil Takes Action Over WhatsApp Encryption...Again

WhatsApp Blocked in Brazil Again, this Time for 72 Hours

Update – May 3, 2:00 pm EST: As reported by Fortune, a judge has ruled to unblock WhatsApp in Brazil, overturning the “suspension” put into place by another judge yesterday. The ruling comes about 24 hours into the 72-hour ban, and returns service to…

WhatsApp Encryption

WhatsApp Adds Encryption Everywhere

WhatsApp announced recently that they are now implementing end-to-end encryption for every form of communication on their service. This comes at a particularly important time, as Apple’s court battle with the FBI recently unfolded in the public eye. The FBI dropped their case against Apple,…

WhatsApp Encryption

Is WhatsApp Next in the Encryption Debate with the Government?

The battle with Apple is still going strong, and now WhatsApp is also in the spotlight. The New York Times recently reported that the United States justice department is now going after WhatsApp – a messaging app that allows users to send encrypted messages….

Brazil Takes Action Over WhatsApp Encryption...Again

Brazil Takes Action Over WhatsApp Encryption…Again

Last week, a Brazilian judge imprisoned a Facebook executive because of “repeated non-compliance with court orders.” The executive, Diego Dzodan, was arrested because he refused to provide WhatsApp messages to the police for aiding them with a drug-related investigation. Since WhatpsApp implements end-to-end encryption, Facebook…

WhatsApp Blocked Brazil

WhatsApp Shut Down in Brazil

Update: 10:15am, EST – It’s been reported that the suspension on WhatsApp has been lifted. It’s been reported that a judge in Sao Paulo has ordered that WhatsApp be shut down. The shutdown is set to last 48 hours, and went into effect starting…