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VyprVPN Not Affected by VPN Port Forwarding Vulnerability

It was recently reported that there is a vulnerability affecting VPN providers that allow port forwarding, which could reveal a user’s real IP address. We wanted to let our users know that VyprVPN is not affected by this vulnerability. What’s the Vulnerability? As…


VyprVPN for Android Now Supports Android Pay. Easily Upgrade to Unlimited from within the App!

We are constantly striving to make encryption as easy and available to users as possible. After lots of hard work and development time, we’re happy to announce that VyprVPN for Android users can now use Android Pay in order to upgrade to a…

i2C Golden Frog Partnership

We’ve Joined Forces with the Internet Infrastructure Coalition

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with the Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2Coalition)! As part of this partnership, i2Colition members can get VyprVPN service with 1 GB of free data for the first month and 500 MB recurring in subsequent months, plus 25%…

Smart TV Spying

Is Your Smart TV Spying on You?

It was reported last week that Vizio smart TVs track user activity and viewing habits and report them to advertisers. This tracking is referred to by the company as “Smart Interactivity” and is turned on by default, so users must manually opt-out of…


Connection Per App Now Available for VyprVPN for Mac

Want your apps to trigger VyprVPN to connect whenever you launch them? Now you can! Connection Per App is now available for VyprVPN for Mac. Just like on VyprVPN for Android, Connection Per App lets you control your VPN connection behavior on a per-app…

DigitalSafe and VyprVPN

Golden Frog Partners with DigitalSafe

We’ve partnered with DigialSafe to offer our customers enhanced privacy and security for their files, and a document storage solution they can trust. Like Golden Frog, DigitalSafe is a premium service provider and implements the strongest levels of encryption. As part of the…

VyprVPN for Android TV

Introducing VyprVPN for Android TV

We’re excited to announce that VyprVPN is now compatible with Android TV platforms! Now you can use VyprVPN to encrypt your Internet connection and enhance your online privacy and security on your Android TV. VyprVPN for Android TV greatly improves your streaming experience…

Golden Frog's Partner Ecosystem

Building a Privacy Ecosystem: How Partnerships Allow Us to Focus on our Core Service

At Golden Frog, we work hard to provide our users with the best solutions to protect their online privacy and security. In addition to the products we create, we’re committed to building a third-party application and partner ecosystem. This approach allows us to…

From Engadget: Dear Veronica: Breaching the ‘Great Firewall’ of China

VyprVPN was featured on Dear Veronia today! You can see more videos by Veronica Belmont on her website,, and connect with her on twitter at @Veronica.

stream privately with a VPN

Secure your Connection and Stop the Snoops – Stream with a VPN

As you browse online, your ISP monitors your activity and builds a profile of your Internet use. Third parties often snoop on you as well, collecting a variety of data and personal information. These practices also occur when you stream content, representing a…