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VyprVPN Free plans are changing

Changes to VyprVPN Free Plan

To provide a better value to our VyprVPN customers, we’re making some changes to our VyprVPN Free plan in the coming weeks. These changes are: New VyprVPN Free users will receive a one-time 500 MB of data usage Existing VyprVPN Free users will…

new VyprVPN server location in Tel Aviv, Israel

New VyprVPN Server Location in Tel Aviv, Israel!

We added a new VyprVPN server location in Tel Aviv, Israel! This is our 15th server location in Asia and our 5th in the Middle East, and will provide users with an additional connection point in the region. Israel enjoys a relatively open…

Connect to a VPN on untrusted and unknown wi-fi networks

Connect on Untrusted Wi-Fi Now Available on VyprVPN for iOS

We’re excited to announce that connect on untrusted Wi-Fi is now available on VyprVPN for iOS! With this feature enabled, when you connect to an unknown Wi-Fi network VyprVPN will automatically connect and encrypt your Internet connection. This keeps your iPhone, iPad or other…

VPN for Business Wi-Fi

Infographic: Why You Need a VPN when Conducting Business on Wi-Fi

Learn about the necessity of using a VPN when conducting business on public Wi-Fi. To download, click on the image and then right-click to “save as.” You can also read our blog post to learn more about the dangers of conducting business on unsecured Wi-Fi.

Business Wi-Fi VPN

Why a VPN is Essential for Conducting Business on Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi Networks There’s been a lot of buzz about unsecure Wi-Fi lately – and it’s not just hype. As the number of free public Wi-Fi hotspots continues to increase, so do the risks associated with using these networks. A few weeks ago, a journalist…

Blocked Social Media

Social Media is Blocked – Now What?

A look at what happened when Uganda blocked social media sites on February 18, 2016. INTRODUCTION Unfortunately, situations in which social media is blocked around the world are becoming increasingly common. At Golden Frog we believe everyone should have access to a free and…


Golden Frog and Demand Progress Partner to Continue Fight for Internet Privacy and Freedom

We’re excited to announce we’ve officially partnered with Demand Progress to fight for online privacy and an open Internet, and to fight against mass surveillance by the government! As part of this partnership, Demand Progress supporters can get VyprVPN service with 1 GB of…

Mobile World Congress

We’re at Mobile World Congress 2016

We’re at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona this week, talking privacy, security and mobile. As a company that promotes Internet privacy and freedom for everyone, everywhere, we’re excited to offer our personal VPN product, VyprVPN, across platforms and devices. We’ve worked hard…

VyprVPN Server Open Source

The Security of Open Source Software Myth, an Opinion

For many years, people have espoused that Open Source Software (OSS) is inherently more secure and more trustworthy than closed source software (CSS).  There are people whose whole lives are built around this concept as a crusade, and we’ve experienced our fair share…

Golden Frog Addressing glibc Vulnerability

It’s been reported that there is a vulnerability in glibc, an open source library. As described by Ars Technica, “The vulnerability was introduced in 2008 in GNU C Library, a collection of open source code that powers thousands of standalone applications and most distributions of…