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    VyprVPN Not Affected by VPN Port Forwarding Vulnerability

    VyprVPN Secured From Installation Vulnerability

    We would like to thank Chris Navarrete of Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs for bringing to our attention a potential security vulnerability related to the VyprVPN installation process on Windows. Our development team immediately recognized the issue and promptly found a solution. We wanted to…

    Connection Per App

    Connection Per App Now Available for VyprVPN for Mac

    Want your apps to trigger VyprVPN to connect whenever you launch them? Now you can! Connection Per App is now available for VyprVPN for Mac. Just like on VyprVPN for Android, Connection Per App lets you control your VPN connection behavior on a per-app…

    VPN Fastest Server Selection iOS

    Fastest Server Selection Is Now Available for iOS!

    We’re very excited to announce that Fastest Server Selection is now available on VyprVPN for iOS! By selecting the Fastest Server option from the server list, the app will automatically connect to the fastest server location available, wherever you are. This saves you…