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Senate and House Block FCC's Privacy Regulations for ISPs

Congress Kills ISP Privacy Regulations – It’s Time for Open Access

There’s been a lot of buzz about last week’s Senate vote to block FCC regulations that protect consumer privacy regarding broadband Internet access – and the House just voted to block the rules as well. The vote will have implications for both consumer privacy…

EU Data Protection and Privacy Overhaul

EU Court Rejects Data Retention, With Implications for Snooper’s Charter

In late December, the highest court in Europe made a ruling that “general and indiscriminate” data retention, or collection of communications information, is not in line with existing EU law. The ruling means that governments and companies can no longer conduct sweeping surveillance…

EU Data Protection and Privacy Overhaul

EU To Draft Legislation Governing Privacy for Online Messaging Services

The European Commission is drafting new regulations surrounding data privacy, security and confidentiality for communicaitons conducted over the Internet and on messaging apps. These regulations will apply to instant message and Internet voice call services, including hugely-popular messaging services like Skype and WhatsApp. Currently,…

EU Data Protection and Privacy Overhaul

New EU Data Sharing and Collection Law Threatens Passenger Privacy

Last week, the EU passed a privacy-invasive data sharing plan for travelers coming in and out of the EU by plane. The new law not only calls for the collection of information on all travelers flying in and out of Europe; it also permit…

ENCRYPT Act of 2016

Feinstein/Burr Draft Backdoor Encryption Bill Causes Concern

Update – April 20, 2016: Four major tech industry coalitions wrote an open letter to the United States Congress yesterday regarding the Burr-Feinstein bill. The letter expresses their strong opposition to the bill, and cites the bill’s negative consequences for both business and security in…