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Net Neutrality's Turbulent FCC Path

The Section 706 Sneak: How The FCC is Using Legal Gymnastics to Excuse Itself From Getting Americans Internet Access

If you were to take a survey of nutritionists and ask them what food group pizza falls into, odds are few would say it qualifies as a vegetable. And yet, when the time came for the U.S. government to satisfy public policy quotas…

Net Neutrality's Turbulent FCC Path

Golden Frog Submits Comments on Net Neutrality to the FCC, Calls for Open Access

The FCC comment period on net neutrality closes today, August 30, 2017. Golden Frog, in conjunction with our sister companies Data Foundry and GigaNews, filed an official reply to the FCC with our comments on the importance of preserving an open Internet, which…

Net Neutrality's Turbulent FCC Path

White House Officially Supports FCC Repeal of Net Neutrality Rules

Yesterday, the White House officially endorsed the FCC’s proposal to repeal existing Net Neutrality rules enforced under Title ll of the Open Internet Order. These guidelines were implemented during the Obama era. Although the White House seemed to favor the dialing back net…

Data Foundry / Golden Frog Submit Brief to FCC in Support of Open Internet Rules

Co-CEO Yokubaitis Makes Argument for Open Access AUSTIN, TEXAS – July 17, 2017 – On behalf of Data Foundry and Golden Frog, Co-CEO Ron Yokubaitis today submitted a legal brief to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in support of keeping rules that provide consumer protection…

Battle for the Net day of action for an open Internet is July 12

What The Battle For The Net Means To The Internet

This Wednesday is the Battle for the Net – the Internet’s big fight on Net Neutrality. i2Coalition has been working with longtime member Golden Frog, fighting hard on this issue for years now. For those new to this debate, let us explain WHY we are…

Battle for the Net day of action for an open Internet is July 12

Battle for the Net: The Future of the Internet is Up to Us

Battle for the Net will take place on Wednesday, July 12 this year. Battle for the Net is a day of action organized by Fight for the Future, to protect a free and open Internet. Battle for the Net’s goal is to protest the…

Net Neutrality's Turbulent FCC Path

The FCC is Trying to Kill The Open Internet – What That Means and How to Stop It

This is a guest post by Kate Forscey, Associate Counsel, Government Affairs at Public Knowledge It’s safe to say we are most of us in an era of unpredictability. Take comfort, then, in this case study in predictability, for at the very least, FCC…

Net Neutrality's Turbulent FCC Path

Net Neutrality’s Turbulent FCC Path

This is a guest post by John Howes, Policy Counsel for the Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA). “Net Neutrality” has been a hot issue over the past few years.  The idea is that the ISPs you pay to access the Internet should not…

Pai point/counterpoint arguments against net neutrality

FCC Chairman Co-Opts Term Open Internet to Advocate for Flawed System. Here’s What He Got Wrong

You can’t have a discussion about the Internet in the United States these days without encountering the term “open Internet” or “net neutrality.” In the weeks since his appointment as Chairman of the FCC, Ajit Pai has been working to rewrite Internet regulations –…

Open Internet

John Oliver Tackles Net Neutrality, Encourages Action Against FCC Plan to Repeal Open Internet Principles

As you may have heard by now, comedian John Oliver recently addressed net neutrality on his show, rallying against the FCC and FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s plan to dismantle existing net neutrality regulations. (for a refresher on what these regulations are, view here)….