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Egypt blocks VoIP

More Censorship in the Middle East as Egypt Blocks Signal

Last week it was reported that Egypt blocked Signal, a secure encrypted messaging app used by people around the world to communicate. Users in Egypt using an Egyptian IP address reportedly could not send or receive messages on the application. The company behind the…

VyprVPN adds server locations in the middle east.

VyprVPN Expands Server Offerings in the Middle East

We’re expanding our presence in the Middle East with the addition of two new servers – Egypt and Pakistan. These servers add to our 4 existing Middle East server locations, growing our presence in the region to provide users with expanded access to…

Internet Censorship in the Middle East

An Overview of Internet Censorship in the Middle East

When it comes to censorship in the Middle East, many countries differ in their policies. As a whole, the Middle East is comprised of roughly 22 countries, but this number is subjective (many define the Middle East by geographic standards, and others define…

VyprVPN Middle East Servers

VyprVPN Comes to the Middle East!

VyprVPN is making its debut in the Middle East with the addition of three new server locations – Bahrain (Manama), Qatar (Doha), and Saudi Arabia (Riyadh). A fourth location in Dubai, United Arab Emirates will also be added soon. These servers are our…

Al Arabiya News Logo

From Al Arabiya News: Politics, porn and iPlayer: Why Arab VPN use is on the rise

Global VPN provider Golden Frog told Al Arabiya News that use of its VyprVPN service continues to rise in the Middle East, adding that it now has users in practically every country in the region. Read the full article: Politics, porn and iPlayer:…