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Cyber Crime

United Arab Emirates Proposes New Cybercrime Law

The United Arab Emirates is debating three draft laws today, described as “regulating the National Media Council, preventing the misuse of the right to litigation and imposing tougher penalties on IP address forgery.” One of the draft laws includes harsh penalties for cybercrime…

Brazil Censorship

Proposed Law Could Increase Internet Censorship, Decrease Privacy in Brazil

Update – April 2016: A report was recently released by the Brazilian Commission of Inquiry (CPI) regarding Internet-related bills. Within the report are recommendations for legislation governing cybercrime, including seven bills. These recommendations are raising major concern – and protest – from privacy activists…

WhatsApp Blocked Brazil

WhatsApp bloqueado no Brasil

A justiça de São Paulo determinou que o funcionamento do aplicativo WhatsApp deve ser bloqueado pelas principais operadoras de telefonia móvel do Brasil por 48 horas a partir de 0h nesta quinta-feira.  O WhatsApp tem mais de 93 milhões de usuários no Brasil…