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The Future of Our Fight Against Chinese Censorship

The recent efforts by the Chinese government to tighten control of the flow of information available into their country has motivated us to step up our own efforts so that we can better meet the challenge of circumventing their internet censorship attempts with…

China Says VPNs Illegal

China Finally Asserts that VPNs are Illegal, but VyprVPN Remains Accessible

China Finally Asserts VPNs Are Illegal The Chinese government has finally come out and said it: VPN services are not allowed without authorization. These updated Chinese regulations effectively outlaw VPNs within China after years of sporadic VPN blocking and degradation by the Great…

China new cybersecurity legislation

China Strengthens Great Firewall, Requires Registration of Domain Names, Censorship of Mobile Apps

News broke this week that the Chinese government is further increasing its control of the Internet in the country, tightening an already-iron grip. China strictly censors and restricts the Internet via a mechanism called the Great Firewall. With newly-proposed regulations, they will increase…

Russia Internet Data Storage Law

Russia Building Its Own Great Firewall with Help From China

It’s being reported that Russia is working on it’s own “Great Firewall” – a reference to the mechanism China uses to filter and censor their Internet. Russia has been working with China to implement some aspects of the Great Firewall, to maintain control over…

SXSW 2017: Vote for Golden Frog’s Panels

SXSW 2017: Vote for Golden Frog’s Panels

Golden Frog submitted 3 panels to the SXSW PanelPicker this year, and we’d love to share our insights at the 2017 conference. Help us make it to SXSW  – read about our panels below and cast your votes now! China’s Great Firewall and its War on…

use a VPN in China

How To Access an Unrestricted Internet While Traveling in China

Traveling to China? Want to maintain access to the same Internet experience you have from your home country? If so, it’s essential you use a VPN. Traveling throughout China will be an experience of a lifetime, and you don’t want be held back…

Self-Censorship in China Continues, Extends to Mobile Apps

Self-Censorship in China Continues, Extends to Mobile Apps

We already know about censorship and propaganda pandemonium in China. The Great Firewall of China prohibits users from browsing the Internet freely, the 50c-party fabricates social media posts for strategic distraction[1] and the Internet police (wang-luo-guan-li-yuan) removes harsh criticisms about the Chinese government. As a…

China Legalizing Great Firewall

Does Censoring the Internet in China Work?

According to a recent Washington Post series – yes. Internet censorship in China, instituted via China’s Great Firewall, is not only effective but also increasing in the country. We’ve written about the Great Firewall before, and in a recent news series The Washington Post…

China’s Anti-Terror Law Allows Decryption “On Demand”

Chinese Law Proposes Banning Web Domains and Increasing Censorship

The Chinese government introduced a draft law that would increase Internet censorship in the country. The proposed rules would allow the government to ban Web domains that are not approved by “local authorities.” This could include the extremely common “.com” and “.org” domains….

Bypass the Great Firewall

China Completely Blocks Wikipedia…Again

As reported by the International Business Times, China has blocked Wikipedia in “its entirety” – and this isn’t the first time. The site’s Chinese version was previously blocked, but now all versions of Wikipedia are blocked in China. China has made a practice…