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From ThreatPost: EFF Calls Out ISPs for Modifying StartTLS Encryption Commands

As Net Neutrality debates swirl, privacy advocates at the Electronic Frontier Foundation and VPN provider Golden Frog have gone public with a Federal Communications Commission filing that got more attention for accusations that Verizon FIOS customers were having their Netflix streaming service throttled…

The FCC Must Prevent ISPs From Blocking Encryption

Last month, the popular online publication TechDirt published an article based on Golden Frog’s filing with the FCC that urged the commission to truly restore an Open Internet. A key portion of the article focuses on how we noticed that ISPs and wireless…

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From The Consumerist: FCC Filing: “At Least One” ISP Violating Net Neutrality By Blocking Encrypted Traffic

Golden Frog also points out that no current or previously existing rule prevents wireless broadband companies from interfering with the traffic they carry in this way, because mobile companies have not been subject to the same open internet regulations as wired broadband carriers….

FCC Privacy Rules

The Comments Golden Frog Filed to the FCC

Last Friday, Golden Frog filed comments with the United States Federal Communication Commission in support of the Open Internet. We included feedback from our own customers to show how broadband Internet access providers are taking advantage of the current landscape to deny regular…

Golden Frog and the i2Coalition Submitted Comments to the FCC to Fight for Open Access

Golden Frog and the i2Coalition Submitted Comments to the FCC to Fight for Open Access

Golden Frog is a proud member of the i2Coalition, whose mission is to support “those who build the nuts and bolts of the Internet”. We are proud to have played a key role, along with other i2Coalition members, in drafting the i2Coalition’s comments…

This is happening right now in front of the FCC

It’s happening. A group of dedicated net neutrality activists are gathering right now outside the FCC’s headquarters in Washington DC. They brought banners, signs and… sleeping bags.