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Golden Frog Goes to DC

Golden Frog Stops By US Department of Commerce to Talk Privacy

As part of our visit to Washington DC this week, we stopped by the U.S. Department of Commerce this morning. While there, we joined 30 other tech leaders for a presentation on all things privacy and security as they relate to the department….

EU Data Protection and Privacy Overhaul

EU To Draft Legislation Governing Privacy for Online Messaging Services

The European Commission is drafting new regulations surrounding data privacy, security and confidentiality for communicaitons conducted over the Internet and on messaging apps. These regulations will apply to instant message and Internet voice call services, including hugely-popular messaging services like Skype and WhatsApp. Currently,…

privacy shield data transfer agreement adopted by EU and US

Privacy Shield Data Transfer Agreement Adopted by US and EU

Update – August 2, 2016: The framework for Privacy Shield is now available online, and companies may sign up to participate. Original Post: The Privacy Shield, a data transfer agreement between the United States and the European Union, went into effect today as the European…

Protest the Slowdown

Protest the Slowdown: Tell the EU to Vote Net Neutrality

The EU will be deciding on net neutrality this summer. Surrounding this decision are fears that EU regulators will enable loopholes first found in the EU’s Net Neutrality rules of 2015. As a result, organizations in favor of net neutrality are asking those in their…

EU Data Protection and Privacy Overhaul

Europe’s New “Code of Conduct” to Censor Hate Speech

Several large companies – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft – as well as the European Commission introduced a new code of conduct earlier this week in an effort to remove hate speech from their platforms. These companies are enacting this code in an…

EU Data Protection and Privacy Overhaul

New EU Data Sharing and Collection Law Threatens Passenger Privacy

Last week, the EU passed a privacy-invasive data sharing plan for travelers coming in and out of the EU by plane. The new law not only calls for the collection of information on all travelers flying in and out of Europe; it also permit…

EU Data Protection and Privacy Overhaul

EU Reforms Data Protection and Privacy Rules in Huge Overhaul

Yesterday, the European Union passed a massive data protection overhaul, with new privacy rules to be enacted in April 2018. These “major reforms” will replace the existing laws, which were created in 1995 and did not adequately cover technological advances since then. The new reforms…