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From Ars Technica: Condemnation mounts against ISP that sabotaged users’ e-mail encryption

Digital rights advocates are doubling down on their criticism of a US-based ISP suspected of performing encryption downgrade attacks that caused customers’ e-mail to remain in plaintext as it passed over the Internet. Read the full article: Condemnation mounts against ISP that sabotaged…

The FCC Must Prevent ISPs From Blocking Encryption

Last month, the popular online publication TechDirt published an article based on Golden Frog’s filing with the FCC that urged the commission to truly restore an Open Internet. A key portion of the article focuses on how we noticed that ISPs and wireless…

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From the Washington Post: Mobile ISP Cricket was thwarting encrypted emails, researchers find

The inability to send some encrypted messages on Cricket’s network was discovered by software engineers from the digital security and privacy firm Golden Frog. Read the full article: Mobile ISP Cricket was thwarting encrypted emails, researchers find

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From Slate: When Netflix Pays ISPs for Faster Access, Its Service Gets … Faster

Golden Frog, which makes VyprVPN, had made a pretty stunning observation. The company presents evidence that ISPs are subtly working to block users’ attempts to implement encryption, perhaps because it is data-intensive. Read the full article: When Netflix Pays ISPs for Faster Access,…

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From TechDirt: Revealed: ISPs Already Violating Net Neutrality To Block Encryption And Make Everyone Less Safe Online

The filing comes from VPN company Golden Frog and discusses “two recent examples that show that users are not receiving the open, neutral, and uninterrupted service to which the Commission says they are entitled.” Read the full article: Revealed: ISPs Already Violating Net…

Encryption Makes Us All Safer

(Editor’s Note: The following is a guest blog post from Nuala O’Connor, President and CEO at Center for Democracy & Technology. It originally appeared on CDT’s website on October 8, 2014).

Smartphones have become the archives of our lives. From family photos and calendars to financial records and medical information, cell phones no longer serve solely as communications devices but are instead a comprehensive repository of both the intimate details and most mundane trivialities of our lives. They often lay next to us as we sleep, and remain close to us all day long, an integral part of our navigation of the online and offline world.


Golden Frog Supports ‪#‎ResetTheNet

Today, June 5, 2014, is the one-year anniversary of the first report about NSA spying based on the documents leaked by Edward Snowden. Over the last year, the continuous stream of news has confirmed what Golden Frog long suspected, your online privacy is…

Private Key

Get Your Own Private Key – If You Can

Last summer, the government demanded that Lavabit, an encrypted email provider, turn over private decryption keys so the government could conduct real-time e-mail monitoring of a specific Lavabit user. All concerned assume that the user in issue was Edward Snowden. Instead of turning…


ALEC-ECPA Standalone Bill

The proliferation of electronic communications presents new challenges for state laws protecting personal information from unauthorized search. This model act aims to provide some clarity for the courts, law enforcement, and consumers by stating that a warrant is required prior to search of…

Golden Frog NOT Part of NSA’s PRISM Project, Offers Solution

There are many definitions for “prism”; the one I like is from the Free Dictionary “a medium that misrepresents whatever is seen through it.” It is therefore interesting that the government would select PRISM as the name for the latest privacy concern to…