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From BGR: Certain ISPs Apparently Block Encryption

Studying the service provided by an a wireless broadband provider, Golden Frog has discovered that said provider was able to interfere with the ability of users to encrypting their emails or other forms of communication. Read the full article: Certain ISPs Apparently Block…

Stand up for strong encryption

Tell the President to “Defend Strong Encryption” and Help Save Crypto

Update – March 18: EFF, the organization behind this petition (along with Access Now and the ACLU), are pushing a new phase of the campaign this week. Save Crypto is asking users to tweet at President Obama directly and ask him to defend strong…

FBI Encryption Debate

The Encryption Battle Continues

The US debate over encryption has been heating up for some time, and is highlighted in the news again this week following an event, “The Encryption Debate: Balancing privacy and national security,” hosted by Passcode and the Christian Science Monitor. The FBI’s viewpoints…

Apple Encryption Debate Versus Government

In the Encryption Debate, it’s the Tech Community versus the Government

And this week, the focus is on Apple. The Guardian and other sources reported that Apple recently refused a request by the government to hand over texts, in real time, that were sent over iMessage (a messaging service built into iPhones). The texts…

Encryption Fundamentals

Encryption Fundamentals: What Everyone Should Know

Encryption is an essential tool and a fundamental right. It should be easy to use and available to the entire population, and should not contain any backdoors.  Golden Frog advocates strongly for encryption, and we’ve outlined four key principles of encryption below. 1….

SXSW 2016 Panels Privacy and Encryption

SXSW 2016: Vote for Golden Frog’s Panels

Golden Frog submitted 2 panels to the SXSW PanelPicker this year, and we really want to be selected to present! The first panel is a group presentation with our friends from the Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) and SpiderOak titled “Online Privacy…

No Encryption Backdoor

No Encryption Backdoors: Why the Government is Wrong

A debate about encryption has been heating up in the United States as the government and law enforcement officials push for a “backdoor” into encrypted communications. As we mentioned in yesterday’s blog post we are strongly opposed to backdoors, and we’ve compiled counter-arguments…

HostingCon 2015 Encryption Internet

Golden Frog President Sunday Yokubaitis Speaking on Encryption at HostingCon 2015

Golden Frog’s president, Sunday Yokubaitis, is speaking at HostingCon in San Diego tomorrow, July 28, on the topic: Will Making Encryption Easy Fix The Internet? The panel will explore the question of whether encryption builds business or drives customers away, and ways to…

We Cannot Let the FBI Access Our Encrypted Data

We Cannot Let the FBI Access Our Encrypted Data

During US Senate hearings yesterday the FBI and Justice Department continued their push for access to consumers’ encrypted data, citing it as “necessary” for law enforcement efforts.  Specifically, they argued that encryption is a barrier in the hunt for criminals such as pedophiles…

Encryption Second Amendment for Internet

From The Daily Dot: Encryption is the Second Amendment for the Internet

This article was originally published on The Daily Dot. By Sunday Yokubaitis Last week, FBI Director James Comey once again campaigned for “backdoors” into the encryption programs of tech companies. “Tech execs say privacy should be the paramount virtue,” he told the House of…