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SXSW 2016 Take Back Your Internet Event Recap

SXSW 2016 Take Back Your Internet Event Recap

On March 12, during SXSW Interactive 2016, we hosted our 4th Annual Take Back Your Internet event. In addition to a party, we hosted a panel featuring thought leaders from the business, policy and government sides. Our panel, titled “Do You Have the Right…

Sign the Save Security Petition Now

Show Your Support for Encryption – Sign the Save Security Petition Now

Do you care about the Apple v. FBI battle? Do you support strong encryption with no backdoors? Do you care about your privacy? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” it’s time to take action. Fight for the Future has…

Obama Encryption SXSW

Obama Draws Criticism Over Encryption Comments at SXSW

The President of the United States visited Austin this past week to talk technology and innovation at this year’s SXSW festival. This was a historic visit, marking the first time a sitting President attended the event. His appearance surely helped cement this legacy…

WhatsApp Encryption

Is WhatsApp Next in the Encryption Debate with the Government?

The battle with Apple is still going strong, and now WhatsApp is also in the spotlight. The New York Times recently reported that the United States justice department is now going after WhatsApp – a messaging app that allows users to send encrypted messages….

Brazil Takes Action Over WhatsApp Encryption...Again

Brazil Takes Action Over WhatsApp Encryption…Again

Last week, a Brazilian judge imprisoned a Facebook executive because of “repeated non-compliance with court orders.” The executive, Diego Dzodan, was arrested because he refused to provide WhatsApp messages to the police for aiding them with a drug-related investigation. Since WhatpsApp implements end-to-end encryption, Facebook…

Amicus Brief Apple FBI

Golden Frog Submits Amicus Brief in Support of Apple

Golden Frog and our sister company Data Foundry are excited to announce we’ve submitted an Amicus Brief to the court in the Apple versus FBI case. Our brief is in support of Apple. Why We Submitted the Brief We submitted this brief because…

Apple Encryption Debate Versus Government

New York Court Rejects FBI Request to Access iPhone

Yesterday a federal magistrate judge ruled that Apple did not have to give the United States Government access to an encrypted iPhone. The ruling came in response to a Brooklyn drug case, where investigators wanted to extract data from a locked iPhone to…

VPN Regulation

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt Fuel the Politics of VPN Regulation

Last week, an excellent Ars Technica article discussed the international politics of VPN regulation. The suggestion that the VPN industry needs to be regulated because people might use the service for illegal behavior is off base. Even a spoon can be used a murder weapon,…

Apple Encryption Debate Versus Government

Apple Asked to Unlock Additional iPhones, as Battle with the Government Continues

We all knew the court’s ruling that Apple must provide access into an encrypted iPhone was just the beginning – and now, only a week later, it’s being reported that the United States government has requested access into more iPhones. The Wall Street…

Apple Encryption Debate Versus Government

We Agree with Apple – We Can’t Set the Precedent of an iPhone “Backdoor”

Last night, the United States government (a federal judge in California) ruled that Apple must provide access into the San Bernardino gunman’s phone. This ruling means they’ve ordered Apple to unlock and decrypt his encrypted iPhone 5C device. Apple responded with strong letter…