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Dyn DNS provider suffers DDoS.

Savvy VPN Users Turn To VyprVPN During Massive DDoS Attack

As we detailed on our blog last week, the largest DDoS attack reported in history took place on October 21. The attack employed the Mirai botnet, a botnet of IoT-connected devices, to take down sites hosted by the Dyn DNS provider. During this…

Dyn DNS provider suffers DDoS.

Massive DDoS Attack Shuts Down Major Websites; Raises Concern Over IoT Vulnerabilities

By now you’ve probably heard about last week’s massive DDoS attack affecting the Dyn DNS provider and their clients. Here’s what happened, and why it’s so concerning. The Basics: What’s a DDoS Attack? DDoS stands for ‘Distributed Denial of Service’ – which is…