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Privacy Battle with Government

2015: A Pivotal Year in the Online Privacy Battle

This year has been eventful, with the battle over online privacy – and the battle between governments and consumers over this privacy – in the forefront. From the hotly debated backdoor encryption issue in the United States, to the proliferation of Data Retention…

UK Investagatory Powers Bill

New UK Draft Law Prohibits “Unbreakable Encryption”

The US took a step in the right direction on the issue of encryption a few weeks ago, when the government officially announced they would not be seeking “backdoors” into encrypted communications (at least not for now). It comes as a bit of…

Australia Data Retention Act

Australia’s Data Retention Law Goes into Effect

The Australia Data Retention Act officially goes into effect today. And with it, what many are calling an end to privacy for Australians. The Data Retention Act requires telcos and ISPS to retain customer metadata for 24 months. As outlined in a CNET…