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EU Data Protection and Privacy Overhaul

Europe’s New “Code of Conduct” to Censor Hate Speech

Several large companies – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft – as well as the European Commission introduced a new code of conduct earlier this week in an effort to remove hate speech from their platforms. These companies are enacting this code in an…

China Legalizing Great Firewall

Does Censoring the Internet in China Work?

According to a recent Washington Post series – yes. Internet censorship in China, instituted via China’s Great Firewall, is not only effective but also increasing in the country. We’ve written about the Great Firewall before, and in a recent news series The Washington Post…

Social Media Blocked in Azamgarh India for 72 hours

Internet Blocked in India’s Azamgarh District for 72 Hours

The Times of India reported that Internet is blocked in Azamgarh, a city in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The block comes as a result of riots that started Sunday. As explained in India Today, the block was enacted to “restrict rumour mongering and to…

Brazil Takes Action Over WhatsApp Encryption...Again

WhatsApp Blocked in Brazil Again, this Time for 72 Hours

Update – May 3, 2:00 pm EST: As reported by Fortune, a judge has ruled to unblock WhatsApp in Brazil, overturning the “suspension” put into place by another judge yesterday. The ruling comes about 24 hours into the 72-hour ban, and returns service to…

Censorship in Africa is increasing

Internet Censorship In Africa

Censorship is increasing in Africa. From recent social media blocks during elections in Uganda, Congo and Chad to Ethiopia’s increasing control over the Internet, it appears censorship is on the rise across the continent. In many cases, state-owned telecoms have full control over the Internet and can…

United Arab Emirates Blocks Snapchat VOIP Calls

United Arab Emirates Blocks Snapchat VOIP Services

Last week, it was reported that Snapchat calling and video calling were blocked in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). UAE’s major telecom providers, Etisalat and du, blocked the features, which allow users to make calls or video calls from within the Snapchat app….

High percentage of people in Indonesia use VPNs

Why VPN Use in Indonesia is So High

A recent Global Web Index study revealed that Indonesia has the highest percentage of VPN users out of all 34 countries examined. Below, we take a look at some of the reasons why. Why Indonesia? Indonesia has the 4th largest population in the world…

China’s Anti-Terror Law Allows Decryption “On Demand”

Chinese Law Proposes Banning Web Domains and Increasing Censorship

The Chinese government introduced a draft law that would increase Internet censorship in the country. The proposed rules would allow the government to ban Web domains that are not approved by “local authorities.” This could include the extremely common “.com” and “.org” domains….

Internet Censorship in the Middle East

An Overview of Internet Censorship in the Middle East

When it comes to censorship in the Middle East, many countries differ in their policies. As a whole, the Middle East is comprised of roughly 22 countries, but this number is subjective (many define the Middle East by geographic standards, and others define…

Blocked Social Media

Social Media is Blocked – Now What?

A look at what happened when Uganda blocked social media sites on February 18, 2016. INTRODUCTION Unfortunately, situations in which social media is blocked around the world are becoming increasingly common. At Golden Frog we believe everyone should have access to a free and…