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Kazakhstan Great Firewall

Another Great Firewall in the Works, This Time in Kazakhstan

Last week, news broke that the government of Kazakhstan is working on its own “Great Firewall” so it can intercept the Internet traffic and mobile data of its citizens. News broke in the form of a press release from Kazakhstan’s large telecom company,… Website Increases Transparency of Social Media Censorship

The EFF recently released a website – – which aims to increase transparency into the online censorship that frequently takes place on social media sites. tracks content deletions and removals across major social sites (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) in an attempt…

Bangladesh Government Bans Social Networks After Unrest

The Bangladeshi government has imposed bans on Facebook, WhatsApp and other social networks following protests that were sparked by the execution of two men accused of war crimes during the 1971 civil war that resulted in the independence of Bangladesh from Pakistan. A…

Turkey Enforces Internet Censorship Law, Blocks reddit

Turkey Enforces Internet Censorship Law, Blocks reddit

Over the weekend, reddit was blocked in Turkey. The Turkish government blocked the site with little explanation, listing on an official site: “After technical analysis and legal consideration … administration measure has been taken for this website.” This censorship occurred under Turkey’s Internet…

Freedom on the Net

Freedom on the Net 2015: How Free is Your Internet?

The Freedom on the Net 2015 report was recently released! This report shows how countries around the world rank in terms of their Internet freedoms, on a scale that includes “free,” “partly free” and “not free.” 65 countries were examined in the 2015…

blocked social media sites

What Social Media Sites are Blocked Around the World?

Access to social media sites is blocked in various countries as part of restrictive censorship imposed by governments. Here’s a look at what social sites are restricted around the world. These sites have been reported as having been blocked in the past 2…

Egypt blocks VoIP

Egypt Increases Censorship, Blocks VoIP Services

It’s being reported by some sources that Egypt has blocked most VoIP services and applications within the country. These include services like Skype, WhatsApp and Viber. There are varying reports about why the services are blocked: “Official statements from NTRA [Egypt’s telecommunications regulator]…


From Engadget: Dear Veronica: Breaching the ‘Great Firewall’ of China

VyprVPN was featured on Dear Veronia today! You can see more videos by Veronica Belmont on her website,, and connect with her on twitter at @Veronica.

Internet Censorship: A Challenge to Freedom

Internet Censorship: A Challenge to Freedom

We recently updated our Vision Paper, and wanted to share some of the content on our blog. The Internet is censored and restricted around the world. As a result, many people do not have access to the free and open Internet we believe…

Great Firewall of Thailand

The Great Firewall of…Thailand?

News broke yesterday that the Thai government is planning to control the country’s Internet with a system that closely resembles the Great Firewall of China. The Thai government is planning to set up a “single gateway Internet” that would allow them to control…