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2017 Top Stories

Golden Frog’s Top Articles of 2017

From the announcement of a full VPN ban in China, to the official release of our optimized gaming network, Outfox, to the revelation of a worldwide decline in Internet freedoms, 2017 was certainly an eventful year. Many of this year’s top stories are…

Net Neutrality's Turbulent FCC Path

Net Neutrality: The What, Why and How

What Is Net Neutrality? Net neutrality is a principle which prohibits Internet providers from treating traffic online differently. Specifically, it stops them from blocking access to certain content, throttling – or slowing down – Internet traffic and implementing paid prioritization (or “fast lanes”) for sites…

Net Neutrality's Turbulent FCC Path

Battle for the Net Isn’t Over: Help Save Net Neutrality Before It’s Too Late

The FCC vote to remove existing net neutrality rules is almost here – – but there is still time to stop them and ask Congress to act before it’s too late.  You may recall an effort we took part in earlier this year…

Battle for the Net day of action for an open Internet is July 12

What The Battle For The Net Means To The Internet

This Wednesday is the Battle for the Net – the Internet’s big fight on Net Neutrality. i2Coalition has been working with longtime member Golden Frog, fighting hard on this issue for years now. For those new to this debate, let us explain WHY we are…