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VPN for Android Smart TV

VyprVPN for Android TV: Stay Protected While Streaming

Do you like streaming your favorite movies or shows on your smart TV?  How about browsing the Internet, sending messages or even gaming? If you’re like a lot of people, you find that a smart TV is a great way to access and…

VPN Study Highlights the Importance of a Trustworthy VPN

VyprVPN Android App Stands Tall in Latest VPN App Study

A recent paper, “An Analysis of the Privacy and Security Risks of Android VPN Permission-enabled Apps” takes an in-depth look at over 250 VPNs for Android that use the Android VPN permission – including VyprVPN. The paper examines VPN apps available in the Google Play…

Google Unlock Android Phones

The Encryption Battle Continues: Google Ordered to Unlock 9 Android Phones

The FBI’s battle against Apple is over for the time being, but now the focus may be on Google. Court documents recently released by the ACLU show this isn’t the first time the Federal Bureau of Investigation has tried to order a tech…

VyprVPN Android Beta Moving

Attention VyprVPN for Android Beta Users! We’re Moving to Google Community

Our Product team works hard to improve our products, especially VyprVPN. This wouldn’t be possible without the help or feedback from our loyal users, including those that use the Beta app to give us early feedback. We are moving access to the VyprVPN…

Android Pay

VyprVPN for Android Now Supports Android Pay. Easily Upgrade to Unlimited from within the App!

We are constantly striving to make encryption as easy and available to users as possible. After lots of hard work and development time, we’re happy to announce that VyprVPN for Android users can now use Android Pay in order to upgrade to a…

VyprVPN for Android TV

Introducing VyprVPN for Android TV

We’re excited to announce that VyprVPN is now compatible with Android TV platforms! Now you can use VyprVPN to encrypt your Internet connection and enhance your online privacy and security on your Android TV. VyprVPN for Android TV greatly improves your streaming experience…

VyprVPN for Android Now Supports Port Selection!

VyprVPN for Android Now Supports Port Selection!

We’re happy to announce that Android VPN users can now use Port Selection! Configure which port the OpenVPN and Chameleon protocols should use for more reliable, successful connections. Why Use Port Selection? Before, VyprVPN used the default port when attempting to make a…

Uploaded ToConnection Per App Now Available for VyprVPN for Android

Connection Per App Now Available for VyprVPN for Android

We always want to give users as much control as possible when it comes to their online privacy and security. That’s why we are happy to announce a new feature available for our VPN Android App – Connection Per App! Connection Per App…

Android Guys Logo

From Android Guys: VyprVPN Review

Overall, VyprVPN provides a VPN application that will please both those who simply want more privacy and those who want to tweak their settings. Read the full article: VyprVPN Review

Mobile Connect Anywhere Banner

Automatic Connect on Wi-Fi and Cellular Networks Now Available!

Public Wi-Fi hotspots at coffee shops, airport and hotels have become increasingly insecure. Cellular networks also share similar security concerns. Even worse, cellular carriers are also leveraging Wi-Fi to carry smartphone traffic in order to alleviate cellular network, compromising mobile communications. However, users…