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VyprVPN Service in China Restored After Latest Round of Blocking

The Chinese government began blocking VyprVPN connections via IP blocking on March 3, around 10pm CST. The latest round of censorship occurred in conjunction with a major meeting in China, called the “Two Sessions,” which is an annual meeting of the country’s national…


New Censorship Bill in Turkey Shows Further Contempt for Digital Rights

A proposed Internet censorship law which would bring regulatory power of online content, including YouTube, Netflix, and personal social media accounts, under the domain of Turkey’s Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK), passed the Turkish Parliamentary Planning and Budget Commission late last month….

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Apple iPhone “Unbreakable” Encryption Is Breakable, According to Latest Reports

News broke on Forbes today that a major government contractor in the United States found a way to crack the encryption on Apple’s ever-popular iPhone devices. Previously, Apple has been commended for their superior security, even fighting back against the United States’ prominent…

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Belgium Rules Facebook Data Collection Illegal

Nearly three years after a Belgian court began its litigation against Facebook over privacy concerns, a ruling was made and the tech giant fell hard. Now, the world’s largest social network is staring down daily fines of €250,000 (approximately $300,000 USD) — up to 100…

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China’s Cybersecurity Laws: Bad for Internet Users, Worse for Businesses

Last week we explored the difference between authorized and unauthorized VPNs, and this week we’re digging deeper to look at the business implications of China’s strict cybersecurity laws. China imposes many guidelines and restrictions on businesses operating in the country, which apply to…

China Firewall

China’s VPN Crackdown Targets Chinese Providers, Hurts Chinese Businesses and Users

The following is a guest blog post from Clarence Leong, a student at Columbia’s School of Journalism. Clarence recently interviewed Golden Frog president, Sunday Yokubaitis, for this article. Full bio and contact information can be found at the bottom of the post. “When I first developed…

Take Back Your Internet 2018

Golden Frog’s Annual “Take Back Your Internet” Event at SXSW 2018

Take Back Your Internet with Golden Frog! We’re back and hosting our annual event on March 9th during this year’s SXSW! In the past, we’ve discussed myths around online privacy and security, encryption, and the importance of an open Internet.  The Texas Public Policy Foundation is joining us in hosting…

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Facebook’s New “Protect” Feature Protects Their Market Share, Not Your Privacy

A new feature appeared in the Facebook mobile app for iOS last week – a link labeled “Protect” which drives users to an App Store listing for Onavo Protect. Onavo Protect is a “wireless networking” application, or personal VPN. As you may know, VPN services encrypt Internet…

The Hill

From The Hill: Three Questions to Ask Before Downloading a Mobile App

In this op-ed from The Hill, Golden Frog Co-Founder Ron Yokubaitis discusses the importance of vetting mobile apps prior to downloading. Data collection is a brave new world for consumers and companies alike. There is no escaping it, nor is there the ability to avoid…

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Authorized VPNs Versus Unauthorized VPNs: What’s The Difference?

With all the news surrounding China’s forthcoming VPN ban, there has been talk of certain VPNs still being allowed. Some VPNs have remained operable in China while others are repeatedly blocked. When Apple pulled 60+ major VPN apps from their app store this…