Learn more about encryption and how to use encryption

Encryption: A Quick Guide to the Basics

Encryption has been in the news for months. From Apple’s highly-publicized battle with the FBI, to WhatsApp’s announcement they’ve added end-to-end encryption throughout their app, encryption has definitely been in the forefront. With all this encryption buzz, we wanted to take a step back…

ECPA Reform Passes House Judiciary Committee

ECPA Reform Moves Forward in 2016

ECPA Passes the House of Representatives April 27, 2016: The Email Privacy Act (H.R. 699) passed the United States House of Representatives this afternoon. The bill will now move along to the Senate. This is good news for those in favor of the bill…


What is the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)?

The Trans Pacific Partnership, or TPP, is a trade agreement among 12 countries – the United States, Australia, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam, Canada, Mexico and Japan. Its goal is to “deepen economic ties” among these nations to foster trade and…

United Arab Emirates Blocks Snapchat VOIP Calls

United Arab Emirates Blocks Snapchat VOIP Services

Last week, it was reported that Snapchat calling and video calling were blocked in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). UAE’s major telecom providers, Etisalat and du, blocked the features, which allow users to make calls or video calls from within the Snapchat app….

High percentage of people in Indonesia use VPNs

Why VPN Use in Indonesia is So High

A recent Global Web Index study revealed that Indonesia has the highest percentage of VPN users out of all 34 countries examined. Below, we take a look at some of the reasons why. Why Indonesia? Indonesia has the 4th largest population in the world…

WhatsApp Encryption

WhatsApp Adds Encryption Everywhere

WhatsApp announced recently that they are now implementing end-to-end encryption for every form of communication on their service. This comes at a particularly important time, as Apple’s court battle with the FBI recently unfolded in the public eye. The FBI dropped their case against Apple,…


Golden Frog Goes to DC (Again!) to Promote Online Privacy Legislation

We’re in Washington DC this week talking to Congress members about our 2016 legislative priorities to protect digital property. We’re also attending CDT’s Tech Prom annual dinner. Keep reading for more details, and be sure to follow us on social! The Issues We’ll…

VPN for Business Wi-Fi

Infographic: Why You Need a VPN when Conducting Business on Wi-Fi

Learn about the necessity of using a VPN when conducting business on public Wi-Fi. To download, click on the image and then right-click to “save as.” You can also read our blog post to learn more about the dangers of conducting business on unsecured Wi-Fi.


Take Control of your Network with VyprVPN Server

Last month we introduced the Beta of our newest product, VyprVPN Server. VyprVPN Server is a highly-secure, cloud VPN server that’s easy to set up. As our beta continues, we wanted to highlight some key features and uses for VyprVPN Server. If you haven’t…

Google Unlock Android Phones

The Encryption Battle Continues: Google Ordered to Unlock 9 Android Phones

The FBI’s battle against Apple is over for the time being, but now the focus may be on Google. Court documents recently released by the ACLU show this isn’t the first time the Federal Bureau of Investigation has tried to order a tech…