VyprVPN Service in China Restored After Latest Round of Blocking

The Chinese government began blocking VyprVPN connections at 7am CST on June 1st. This blocking attempt was likely due to the impending anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 on June 4th. As with previous blocking attempts, our engineers rapidly implemented procedures which have resolved these blocks and fully restored VPN service to our users in mainland China by 8:30am CST.

Because we own and operate our network, we are able to make swift adjustments to our servers and IPs when blocks like this occur. The connection activity chart below illustrates the impact of China’s latest attempts to block VyprVPN and our success in working around these efforts in an efficient manner.

Block and Restore

Stay Updated

If you have any questions or residual issues accessing VyprVPN from China (or any other location), contact our customer support team. You can also view the following page for ongoing status updates on VyprVPN in China.
Press Inquiries: If you’re a reporter or news outlet seeking additional details about the situation in China and/or VyprVPN’s current status, please send an email to pr@goldenfrog.com.

Chris Marsh

Chris is VP of Technology, responsible for Golden Frog's global IT operations and manages all systems, servers and networks. Chris oversees internal IT, as well as Golden Frog's global data centers and monitoring of all the company's systems and service levels.

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