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Future of Privacy

Future of Privacy Whitepaper

The future of privacy depends on preserving the past. Our Liberty is at stake. Read our Future of Privacy whitepaper to learn more.

Act to Protect Your Privacy; Say “NO” to a Global Surveillance State!

In previous posts we’ve talked about what the United States Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) is and the need to update it. We’ve also talked about the leadership Texas has shown in passing its ECPA amendment to ensure email privacy in Texas and…

Beyond the Fourth Amendment: Additional Constitutional Implications Arising From Big Government’s Surveillance and Seizures of U.S. Citizens’ Digital Property

The government’s ongoing efforts to pervasively monitor citizens’ digital property intrude on individual liberty and property, and violate the Constitution’s due process, property, privacy, expression and associational rights. Read More.

Texas’ E-Mail Privacy – A Template for the Nation

On June 14, 2013 Texas Governor Rick Perry signed into law, HB2268, a bill requiring Texas law enforcement officials to obtain a warrant before accessing email and other communications content. The legislation, which goes into effect in September, gives Texas the strongest email…

Bureaucrats Want to Look Through Your Windows – YOUR Privacy AGAIN at Stake

A United States Securities and Exchange Commission letter has asked the United States Senate Judiciary Committee to change the current ECPA reform bill (S.607) so that U.S. state and federal regulatory agencies could obtain a “quasi-warrant” to compel communication service providers to disclose…

ECPA and Privacy – Why YOU Should Care

Some may not be familiar with The Electronics Communications Privacy Act (ECPA). ECPA was enacted in 1986, when we lived in a very different electronic world than today; the “public” Internet did not even exist. The primary purpose for ECPA was to address…

Legislation Requires State Law Enforcement Agencies to Get a Warrant for All E-mails

Legislation Requires State Law Enforcement Agencies to Get a Warrant for All E-mails

Golden Frog was a proponent of Texas’ language in a bill that made Texas the first state to require a warrant for e-mail snooping. Read More.

CISPA Moves to Senate as Privacy Concerns Continue to Mount

CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) was passed by the US House of Representatives last Thursday 288 to 217. It now sits in front the Senate despite a myriad of privacy concerns. President Obama has been vocal about the lack of protection…

Golden Frog Signs Letter to US Congress Supporting Mobile Phone Unlocking

In October 2012 the Librarian of Congress decided that unlocking of mobile phones would soon be illegal in the United States. Today, Golden Frog joined a wide range of groups and individuals asking high ranking lawmakers in the United States Congress to act…