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VPN for Streaming Access

Use a VPN to Defeat the Increasing Fragmentation of the Internet

Access to streaming content is often restricted based on geo-location around the world. This can be a problem if you’re traveling, trying to access content from outside your country’s borders, or if your country imposes Internet censorship. Access to content is most commonly…

Increase Streaming Speeds VPN

Your ISP is Slowing you Down. Defeat Throttling & Peering with a VPN

When you’re online you want to browse, stream and download at maximum speed and without interruption. Yet all too often you find your Internet connection is slow. It’s not the speed you want, nor what you’ve signed up and paid for. A look at…

Tor is not anonymous

You Are Not Anonymous

It’s our last VPN myth-busting week here at Golden Frog. Today we’re sharing some information about the VPN alternative Tor in Myth #10. Myth #10: Tor is a better alternative than a VPN Reality: Tor is frequently cited as an alternative to using…

Public Wi-Fi: Think Before You Connect

Public Wi-Fi: Think Before You Connect

There’s been a lot of talk about the dangers of public Wi-Fi lately. From a recent Digital Trends article outlining these dangers, to last week’s report of AT&T using an airport hotspot to serve ads, to Skycure’s recent study on unsecured connections at…

Encryption Fundamentals

Encryption Fundamentals: What Everyone Should Know

Encryption is an essential tool and a fundamental right. It should be easy to use and available to the entire population, and should not contain any backdoors.  Golden Frog advocates strongly for encryption, and we’ve outlined four key principles of encryption below. 1….

VPN Myths 3rd Party Data Sharing

Privacy Companies Don’t Always Keep Your Data Private

And not all VPN providers are created equal. This week, we’re debunking myths about what privacy companies actually do with your data, and how VPN service providers can vary dramatically. Check out Myth #8 and Myth #9 to learn more now. Myth #8:…

VPN Providers Rent Servers

Does Your VPN Provider Run Their Own Network?

Or do they rent their servers or use a hosting company? This week, we’re debunking two more VPN myths – Myth #5 and Myth #6. The main takeaway: if your VPN provider doesn’t run their own network, you are not anonymous. Myth #5:…

VPN Myths Logging

The Truth About Logging

We’re sharing two more of our VPN myths this week – Myth #4 and Myth #7. This week’s myths are all about logging, and explain what a “no logs” claim really means and why logging isn’t always a bad thing. Myth #4: When…

VPN Myths Anonymity Logging

Anonymity and Privacy Are NOT the Same

It’s week two of myth debunking here at Golden Frog! As we introduced last week, we are revealing disturbing trends we’ve seen in the VPN industry and debunking common myths about anonymity, logging and online privacy. This week, we present Myth #2 and…

Myths VPN Anonymity Logging

Can You Be Anonymous Online? Golden Frog Debunks 10 Myths

We just released I am Anonymous When I Use a VPN – 10 Myths Debunked in the “Take Back Your Internet” section of our website. This is an updated version of our 7 Myths Debunked article from last year, with three new myths…