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Gmail to Stop Scanning Inboxes of Free Users

Gmail to Stop Scanning Inboxes of Free Users

Big news for Gmail, as they announced they’re halting all inbox scanning later this year – meaning they will no longer scan the contents of email communications. The announcement comes as the privacy debate heats up across the globe. Google has faced a…

Encryption Backdoor Ban Considered in the EU

Encryption Backdoor Ban Considered in the EU

The EU is considering new legislation that will make it harder for the government to access encrypted information. This new amended regulation requires end-to-end encryption and eliminates the notion that encryption backdoors should be available to the government. This proposal will still need to…

The encryption debate is back in the UK with new government conversations happening about surveillance.

Countries Crack Down on Encryption, Reignite Privacy Fears

Over a year after the infamous Apple v. FBI case, the encryption debate has resumed, with recent global events leading to renewed conversations about whether or not unbreakable encryption should be accessible for all people at all times. Much debate continues around the…

Ransomware Attack Highlights Widespread Privacy Risks

Giant Ransomware Attack Again Highlights Widespread Privacy Risks

By now, you’ve probably heard about the massive WannaCry ransomware attack that plagued the Internet recently, drawing unprecedented attention to cybersecurity and widespread vulnerability to attacks. In the wake of this news, we wanted to not only look at what happened, but also…

Open Internet

John Oliver Tackles Net Neutrality, Encourages Action Against FCC Plan to Repeal Open Internet Principles

As you may have heard by now, comedian John Oliver recently addressed net neutrality on his show, rallying against the FCC and FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s plan to dismantle existing net neutrality regulations. (for a refresher on what these regulations are, view here)….

encryption under attack in france elections

Encryption Under Attack Again, This Time During Elections In France

Well, it’s official. Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen are the final two candidates facing off for the French presidency on May 7th. As the race continues on there’s a lot of buzz around various issues – and encryption is one of them. Macron…

Russia Proposes Banning VPNs That Don't Comply with Censorship Rules

Russia Proposes Banning VPNs That Don’t Comply with Censorship Rules

Russia’s latest draft bill increases censorship (again). The law proposes blocking anonymous proxies – including VPNs – that do not prohibit access to forbidden websites in the country. To operate, any such “anonymizing” services would have to block sites listed on the Roskomnadzor’s…

Senate votes down FCC privacy regulations

Congressman Says “Nobody Needs to Use the Internet” – We Disagree

This week, Rep Jim Sensenbrenner said he didn’t believe Congress needed to enact Internet privacy guidelines because nobody needs to use the Internet. Yes, you read that right – he said nobody needs to use the Internet. As many were quick to point…

UpTown Radio

From UpTown Radio: Internet Service Providers Are Buying Your Data, and Scammers Are Pretending to Protect It

Golden Frog’s president Sunday Yokubaitis was interviewed on UpTown Radio in response to the recent vote that ISPs can continue to sell and share consumer data without permission. In this interview, he talks about the recent news, the VPN market and how VPNs…

The Hill

From The Hill: Congress Gets a Lesson on the Importance of Privacy

Golden Frog’s president, Sunday Yokubaitis, examines the recent ISP privacy regulations blocked by Congress and the President. He advocates for looking to the fight ahead, and renewing the push for open Internet. Read the full article: Congress gets a lesson on the importance of privacy