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China Firewall

VyprVPN Service in China Restored After Latest Round of Blocking

The Chinese government began blocking VyprVPN connections via IP blocking, as well as targeting of iOS connections yesterday (October 4). As indicated by reports and commentary online, the latest round of censorship in the form of VPN blocking appears to be hitting many…

Letter to Apple about VPNs in China.

We Asked Apple for Transparency in China: Here’s What Happened

As you may be aware, we recently joined forces with and called on Apple to be more transparent in its response to China’s demand to remove VPNs from the country’s app store. We co-authored a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook in which we outlined our…

WhatsApp Encryption

China Expands Censorship, Blocks WhatsApp Messaging App

Censorship in China has increased yet again, with news this week the country is now blocking access to popular messaging service WhatsApp.  This move comes in advance of next month’s Communist Party Congress (we’ll be writing more about this next week – stay…

China Firewall

China Blocks VPNs Again, VyprVPN Restores Service Quickly

The Chinese Government began aggressively blocking VyprVPN iOS connections today at around 7am CST. Based on reports VPN users posted on Chinese social media platform Weibo, the latest round of censorship appears to be a widespread blocking of multiple VPN providers, and this…

VyprVPN and to host reddit AMA on China censorship

VyprVPN and to Host reddit AMA on Internet Censorship in China, Apple’s Participation

Concerned about censorship in China? Alarmed that big companies such as Apple are not only complying with censorious demands, but not providing transparency into their actions? We certainly are, which is why we – along with our friends over at – are hosting…

Letter to Apple about VPNs in China.

Golden Frog and Write Letter to Apple Denouncing Censorship, Urging Transparency

Censorship in China has been escalating recently, as the government steadily increases control over the Internet. In conjunction with this activity, many foreign companies are complying with censorship – the most notable of which is Apple. Apple recently pulled VPN apps from their…

China Firewall

VyprVPN Bypasses Lastest China Blocks Quickly

China began blocking VPN providers again this morning, around 6:30am CST. Chinese customers were blocked from some of VyprVPN’s sites for about 2 hours, but we rolled out workarounds to restore service and were back up and running before 9am CST. This quick…

China Firewall

VyprVPN Bypasses Latest China VPN Blocks

China began aggressively blocking VPN providers again, starting around 11am UTC today. Chinese customers were blocked from several of our sites for 3 or so hours, but we rolled out workarounds that restored access for users in China to most of our worldwide…

China users of Amazon have been reminded not to use VPN technology to circumvent censorship.

Censorship In China Spreads, as Amazon (AWS) Warns Against VPN Use

A partner of in China has sent out notifications to users of Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers reminding them not to use “illegal” VPN technology to circumvent censorship imparted under the GFW. The notification, sent by Beijing Sinnet Technology Co Ltd which…

Apple participates in censorship by removing VPN apps from China App Store.

Mr. Cook, Where is the Censorship Red Line for Apple?

Tim Cook addressed Apple removing 60+ major VPN apps from its China App Store last weekend on this week’s Apple Q3 earnings call: “We would obviously rather not remove the apps, but like we do in other countries, we follow the law wherever we do business….