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Drone and Privacy

Are Hobbyist Drones Legally Invading Civilian Privacy?

Within the conversation of privacy in the realm of technology, drones are no stranger to controversy. There are many different models and uses for drones. They are used for an array of political, economic and social purposes – utilized by the U.S. government,…

Privacy Checklist

Is Your Privacy Provider Trustworthy?

Our infographic will help you decide if your privacy provider can be trusted.

Internet of Things Privacy Risks

The Internet of Insecure Things

Although a huge 87% of people reportedly don’t know what the Internet of Things is, it’s safe to say that percentage will be decreasing soon. As described by USA Today, the IoT “simply means that an object has sensors embedded in it and…

Brazil Censorship

Proposed Law Could Increase Internet Censorship, Decrease Privacy in Brazil

Bad news out of Brazil. Time reported last week that Brazil’s Congress is considering legislation which would increase censorship and impinge upon Internet Freedom in the country. This proposed law would take back some of the Internet freedoms granted in the “Civil Rights…

state of privacy in America

Pew Report Illustrates the State of Privacy in America

Pew Research recently released a study about the state of privacy in America, which revealed some very interesting findings. We’ve pulled out a few highlights, and provided related resources with information on privacy issues and ways you can protect yourself online. You can…

Data Privacy Day 2016

Happy Data Privacy Day 2016

It’s Data Privacy Day – and here at Golden Frog we’re celebrating! Sponsored by, Data Privacy Day is held on January 28 each year and was created to bring awareness to key issues surrounding privacy online. This year’s themes are respecting user…

Encryption Backdoor State Level

States Join the Encryption Battle, Push for Legislation at the State Level

The encryption battle continues! And now, it’s making it’s way to state legislatures. We’ve written before about the power that individual US states have, and how this power can be used to enact privacy legislation. In many cases this is a positive, when…

CA Key

Some Providers Use Weak 1024-bit Keys – VyprVPN Explains Why Its Strong Keys Matter

Recently in the news, Tech In Asia reported that VPN providers ExpressVPN and Astrill have been using Certificate Authority (CA) certificates generated from 1024-bit keys. As far back as 2003, 1024-bit keys were projected to be crackable by 2010, and current research estimates…

VyprVPN Android Beta Moving

Attention VyprVPN for Android Beta Users! We’re Moving to Google Community

Our Product team works hard to improve our products, especially VyprVPN. This wouldn’t be possible without the help or feedback from our loyal users, including those that use the Beta app to give us early feedback. We are moving access to the VyprVPN…

EU Surveillance Requires Oversight

EU Court of Human Rights: Mass Surveillance Requires Judicial Oversight

Earlier this month, in response to a case in Hungary, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled that mass surveillance needs judicial oversight. As explained in a detailed blog post by the Center for Democracy and Technology, human rights activists brought this…