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Disney is being sued for allegedly using private data from children's smartphones to fuel their advertising campaigns.

Disney Sued for Violating Children’s Privacy in Gaming Apps

Disney has made headlines this month for allegedly violating the privacy rights of countless children. According to a recently-filed lawsuit, Disney has been collecting data from the smartphones of children using their mobile gaming apps, and then turning around and using that data to…

Golden Frog and Freedom House Partner to Provide Tools Protecting Internet Privacy and Freedom

Golden Frog and Freedom House Partner to Provide Tools Protecting Internet Privacy and Freedom

MEGGEN, SWITZERLAND – 8/16/17 – Golden Frog and Freedom House today announced plans to jointly assist democracy activists by strengthening their online privacy and improving their internet access, increasingly important issues in authoritarian states. “Practices like surveillance and censorship continue to increase globally, while privacy protections are on the decline,” said Sunday Yokubaitis,…

Turkey has been monitoring their citizens over messaging apps.

Turkish Government Cracks Down on Encryption, Threatens Human Rights

Encryption has been under attack in many locations around the world lately, including Turkey. The Turkish government breached the weak security of messaging app, ByLock, and used the cyber intelligence gained to make countless arrests of people involved with the recent attempted coup…

Golden Frog day is used to bring awareness to the endangered Panamanian golden frog.

Happy Panamanian Golden Frog Day 2017

Today is the 7th annual Panamanian Golden Frog Day! The Panamanian golden frog is one of Panama’s official cultural and ecological symbols, and has been endangered for years. This day is particularly special to us because Golden Frog is named after the Panamanian golden…

Hotspot Shield in Hot Water Over Deceptive Marketing, Privacy Violations

VPN provider Hotspot Shield (owned by AnchorFree) is under attack for misleading marketing and mistreatment of user information. On August 7, advocacy group Center for Democracy and Technology filed a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) accusing Hotspot Shield of engaging…

China users of Amazon have been reminded not to use VPN technology to circumvent censorship.

Censorship In China Spreads, as Amazon (AWS) Warns Against VPN Use

A partner of in China has sent out notifications to users of Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers reminding them not to use “illegal” VPN technology to circumvent censorship imparted under the GFW. The notification, sent by Beijing Sinnet Technology Co Ltd which…

Apple participates in censorship by removing VPN apps from China App Store.

Mr. Cook, Where is the Censorship Red Line for Apple?

Tim Cook addressed Apple removing 60+ major VPN apps from its China App Store last weekend on this week’s Apple Q3 earnings call: “We would obviously rather not remove the apps, but like we do in other countries, we follow the law wherever we do business….

China is increasing its Internet censorship, and we're sharing a timeline of events leading up to the current state of Internet censorship in China.

The Great Firewall Gets Stronger: China Ramps Up Internet Censorship in 2017

China has been increasing Internet censorship over a period of years, and although the country has implemented blocks and one-off censorship events in the past it feels different this time. The events occurring, and the rapid succession in which they’re occurring, indicates the…

How we choose VyprVPN's server locations.

How We Choose VyprVPN’s Server Locations

We have recently been asked by several of our customers to explain what a “server location” is and how we operate them. VyprVPN Server Locations At VyprVPN we have over 70 server locations worldwide.  Each server location provides IPs that are geo-located to the city…

Russia announces plan to outlaw VPNs.

First China, Now Russia: Putin Bans VPN Use in Russia

With an upcoming election in Russia, Putin is stealing a move out of the book China has so adeptly written with their Great Firewall. Russia this weekend signed a new law which prohibits the use of VPNs and proxies within the country. Anyone using these…