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From The Hill: FCC Selections Matter for Keeping the Open Internet

Golden Frog Co-Founder Ron Yokubaitis explores the topic of the Open Internet and the FCC selections under the new presidential cabinet in this op-ed. “Elections have consequences, and the spoils go to the victor. As President-elect Trump’s transition team prepares to replace President…

China new cybersecurity legislation

China Strengthens Great Firewall, Requires Registration of Domain Names, Censorship of Mobile Apps

News broke this week that the Chinese government is further increasing its control of the Internet in the country, tightening an already-iron grip. China strictly censors and restricts the Internet via a mechanism called the Great Firewall. With newly-proposed regulations, they will increase…

WhatsApp Encryption

WhatsApp Vulnerability? Safety of Encrypted Messages Called into Question

WhatsApp has long been touted as a highly-secure platform for messaging, employing strong end-to-end encryption to protect its user base and the privacy of their communications. As a result, millions of people around the world look to WhatsApp to communicate securely. Following a…

Encryption Second Amendment for Internet

The Right to Privacy and Internet Freedom

We’ve long said that encryption is a right, describing it as the “second amendment for the Internet.” In addition to encryption we have other rights as Internet users, including the right to access a free and open Internet and to communicate with others…

Email Privacy Act 2017

Email Privacy Act Reintroduced in the House: Show Your Support Now

Congressmen Kevin Yoder and Jared Polis dropped the Email Privacy Act (H.R. 387) yesterday, reintroducing the bill in the House. The Email Privacy Act previously passed the House of Representatives in April 2016, without opposition and widely supported as a bipartisan piece of legislation….

CES 2016

Technology and Privacy: What’s Going on at CES 2017

It’s that time of year again – CES! Last week we attended the Consumer Electronics Show, which took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. We were there talking privacy and security and checking out all the developing trends. A couple of big themes emerged. Drones…

EU Data Protection and Privacy Overhaul

EU Court Rejects Data Retention, With Implications for Snooper’s Charter

In late December, the highest court in Europe made a ruling that “general and indiscriminate” data retention, or collection of communications information, is not in line with existing EU law. The ruling means that governments and companies can no longer conduct sweeping surveillance…

Egypt blocks VoIP

More Censorship in the Middle East as Egypt Blocks Signal

Last week it was reported that Egypt blocked Signal, a secure encrypted messaging app used by people around the world to communicate. Users in Egypt using an Egyptian IP address reportedly could not send or receive messages on the application. The company behind the…

VyprVPN for Business cloud

Introducing VyprVPN for Business Cloud

It’s finally here! We’re excited to announce that the product you may know as VyprVPN Server is out of beta and is now VyprVPN for Business Cloud. VyprVPN for Business Cloud is an easy-to-use cloud VPN, offering a dedicated server and unprecedented control of your network. VyprVPN…

Turkey censors social media, asks government to block VPN providers

Turkey Blocks Social Media Sites…Again

Several major social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were blocked or throttled in Turkey beginning Monday night. These blocks came in response to the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey, which occured on Monday. As reported by Turkey Blocks, the…