How Can My Company Use VyprVPN for Business?

VyprVPN for Business offers online security, privacy and freedom for companies around the world. With VyprVPN's easy-to-use interface, apps for every device and the help of our dedicated account managers, you can solve the unique challenges your company faces.

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  • Security for Traveling Employees

    Protect employees from 3rd-party snoops by encrypting their Internet connections on Wi-Fi hotspots and wireless networks.

  • Remote Workers & Distributed Work Forces

    Enable employees working remotely or abroad to access resources otherwise blocked by geographic restrictions.

  • Global Quality Assurance Testing

    Global gaming, application and service companies use VyprVPN for Business to test services in countries around the globe.

  • Access Business Tools From China

    Companies in China or other geo-restricted locations use VyprVPN to access VOIP, Google Apps, Google Enterprise and other tools daily.

  • Private, Unrestricted Business Research

    Investment firms and journalists use VyprVPN to conduct research online without being logged, tracked or blocked by geographic restrictions.

  • IP & Identity Protection

    Conduct competitive research or investigate fraud without revealing your identity and prevent your business's IP address from being blocked or filtered.

Customers Reddit, eos, eDreams ODIGEO, vipaar, Canonical choose VyprVPN.
  • Golden Frog has over a decade of experience operating Internet infrastructure on a global basis. They own and operate the hardware and run their own global network, which creates a fast, reliable and private experience that meets the demands of our mobile employees and our business.

  • VyprVPN provided an elegant solution to a straightforward, but crippling problem for our customer in Italy.

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  • We evaluated several VPNs, and it became clear that VyprVPN is the best service on the market. It's the only VPN that is reliable, with user friendly apps and fast enough for the business use.

Business Class Features

Use VyprVPN for business to easily manage all the user.
  • Easy User Management

    Simple to use admin interface for account management. Add or remove users and control access with admin or user privileges.

  • Dedicated Account Manager

    In addition to our 24x7x365 support team, VyprVPN for Business accounts include a dedicated account manager to help you quickly achieve your business needs.

  • Apps for Every Device

    VyprVPN offers beautiful, easy-to-use apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and TV.

VyprVPN for Business Accounts Also Include:

  • Access to a Worldwide Server Network

    VyprVPN offers 50+ worldwide server locations across 5 continents. With 700+ servers and 200,000+ global IPs, connections are always available.

  • 1 Desktop + 1 Mobile Connection

    Each VyprVPN Business user account includes two connections, one for your mobile device and another for your desktop.

  • Your Data. Our Servers. No 3rd Parties.

    Unlike competitors, we own and manage our VPN servers so we can deliver fast, secure connections.

  • World's Fastest VPN

    We engineered VyprVPN to have the highest level of speed and security for broadband Internet connections.

  • Unlimited Usage

    Connect to any VyprVPN server, anytime, without restrictions or download caps. Easily switch between server locations at no additional charge.

  • VyprDNS - Zero Logging DNS

    VyprDNS is Golden Frog's own encrypted zero logging DNS available exclusively for VyprVPN users. Reclaim your privacy and defeat censorship across the world.

  • Chameleon™ - Defeat VPN Blocking

    In addition to PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN our Chameleon™ technology uses the unmodified OpenVPN 256-bit protocol and scrambles the metadata to prevent DPI, VPN blocking and throttling.

  • NAT Firewall

    NAT Firewall is an additional layer of security for your VyprVPN connection. It blocks unrequested inbound traffic when you are connected to VyprVPN.

VyprVPN is powered by Golden Frog - a global service provider you can trust.

VPN Service from a Trusted Provider

VyprVPN is powered by Golden Frog - a global service provider committed to developing applications and services that preserve an open and secure Internet experience while respecting user privacy. Since 1994, we have been a registered network provider offering reliable and fast performance at a large scale – handling hundreds of thousands of connections, high throughput and large amounts of data.

We have years of experience supporting large-scale, custom deployments for businesses in 195+ countries including Internet Service Providers, telecommunications companies, multi-service operators and enterprises. We provide our Business customers 24x7x365 Tier 1 & Tier 2 support along with access to network engineers to quickly respond to any service issue.

Golden Frog owns and manages 100% of its servers, DNS, hardware and network to ensure user privacy and online security.

We Write the Code, Own the Hardware and Run the Network

Our approach is unique in the VPN industry - we operate VPN server clusters instead of relying on 3rd-party hosting companies. We own and manage 100% of our servers, DNS, hardware and network to ensure the highest levels of security, privacy and service delivery for your business.

We write 100% of our code and our in-house network engineers have decades of experience optimizing our global network to ensure it is the fastest and most secure VPN service for your business.

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No 3rd Parties