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    Unlike other VPN providers, Golden Frog writes 100% of its VPN server software, manages its own network, and owns the hardware so we can deliver the fastest VPN speeds in the world.

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    Skip the manual setup! VyprVPN desktop and mobile apps let you easily switch between server locations and VPN protocols with a single click.

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    • Mac OS X
    • Windows 8
    • Windows 7
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows XP
    • Linux
    • iPhone
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    VyprVPN provides unlimited speed without usage or download caps. Switch freely between VPN servers with unlimited IP addresses available - at no additional cost.

Multiple, Worldwide Locations

VyprVPN servers from anywhere in the world:

  • 700+ VPN Servers in Over 25 Countries
  • 200,000+ IPs (U.S., Europe & Asia)
  • Unlimited Server Switching & Speed

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  • eirikhm

    For your secure browsing /chatting/mailing/whatever needs, give VyprVPN a go - http://bit.ly/88ISwK

  • incrediblehink

    Staying secure on the hospital guest wireless with @VyprVPN

  • djmatty666

    @josefajardo @michael_baker I can recommend vyprvpn http://t.co/fweQJJcR servers in US, UK, HKG, NL and FR! :)

  • yinchie

    #(provider removed) #VPN http://bit.ly/9DuBlI is very slow compared to #VyprVPN http://bit.ly/a9rz63 #kopimi #goldenfrog #giganews

  • joshuarowe

    @ozdean Sounds like you need a VPN service. I use VyprVPN. Good speeds and unlimited data. It'll work on all your devices.

  • packetslave

    Firesheep is scary. Took about 10 seconds to sniff 5 Facebook/Twitter identities at this Starbucks. I'm using VyprVpn fulltime from now on.

  • brutes_

    @LO_TEK @lonniehodge vyprvpn supports dd-wrt...thats awesome. Thanks for the suggestions

  • RemzJay

    Nice! Facebook on my iPhone in Vietnam using #giganews #vyprvpn! :D "I like this"!

  • inadarei

    Have been trying vyprVPN from @golden_frog. It's been really good so far. Good job, guys!

  • pzycoman

    @Reynolds With VyprVPN, it tunnels everything, so your ip address looks like its coming from the UK...I use it when im abroad

  • smwat

    Encounters with the Great Firewall of China bit.ly/o6NgCc (brought to you by @VyprVPN) #GFW

  • n0x00

    #O2 thanks for throttling my phone data :/ - nothing a VPN account can't fix. Thanks #vyprvpn

  • Ratcatcher7

    In Tibet but thankfully @Giganews @Golden_Frog VyprVPN service is allowing me to stay in touch with events at home. #VPN

  • kaosnews

    Beta testing VyprVPN (http://www.vyprvpn.com) - great product, easy to setup and FAST!

  • daveove

    @rom totally agree, I am glad L2TP is now an option with VyprVPN...been frustrated that Globe 3G and PPTP weren't working.

  • rsnijders

    Hey, das goed niews: New VyprVPN UK Server Now Available! http://t.co/wVAjCWF #vpn

  • avatarr

    Using #vyprvpn at the airport - love this service ( http://bit.ly/aoceOv )

  • appstuff

    Surf Securely with VyprVPN for iPhone, iPad or Macbook: Surf Securely with VyprVPN for iPhone, iPad or ... http://bit.ly/b7l6cX iPhone OS 4

  • patrikalienus

    VyprVPN is a rockin'! http://vyprvpn.goldenfrog.com/ #anonymization #vpn #vyprvpn

  • ememfrick

    Using VyprVPN to secure my Internet connection and protect my privacy. @ http://t.co/rNhw9kJ

  • jksloan

    @paulcalabro been using VyprVPN. Lots of travel so full VPN is handy. Connect all WiFi toys when on public networks.

  • technoetica

    OK, gotta thank VyprVPN for getting me the crack in the Wall!