VyprVPN Adds a New Server Location!

Golden Frog is proud to announce we’ve added a new server location on the East Coast of the US for VyprVPN. This adds to the server locations on the West Coast and in Amsterdam. The additional server location gives users even more access options for VyprVPN’s secure internet browsing.

You can currently get VyprVPN’s Personal VPN included free with Giganews’ Diamond account. Keep checking back here to learn when VyprVPN is released publicly.

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  1. Anon says:

    Hi guys,
    Any chance you can host a server in the UK to enable UK users to have VPN access whilst being able to access the bbc iplayer etc with no lag? Personally I want to enable ddwrt openvpn access for everything but clearly the iplayer would block me if i don’t have a UK IP address.
    Mr Anon in the big private internet

  2. JJ Hass says:

    Hi! It would be great if you dropped a VPNServer in the Middle East.
    I live and work in various places there as an American and it is the MOST CENSORED, especially Saudi Arabia, things like: Middlesex, England is snagged as a porn site and it’s unbelievable.

    MANY MANY expats and citizens live and suffer in these countries with repressive governments! You’re seeing the fallout now now doubt FINALLY, I submit: Egypt, Yemen, and especially keep an eye on Libya and Saudi Arabia which that will take some time and will be a HUUUUGGGE mess.

    Anyway, a server, say, in Dubai or Oman (VERY LIBERAL gov’t considering all this area is Muslim and ‘all that that entails…’ –

    SO, Hong Kong is close!! But not close enough.
    Drop a server in the Middle East and I’ll post you to some ‘large gov’t sites’ bulletin boards to SURELY, who knows, way expand your business.

    And you can give me free access! :) for this great tip.
    Hey! Nothing is free, right??

    A major IT guy in not so major countries!!

    I do software and internet security for ‘paranoid’ companies and gov’ts! —

    My tattoo says: The Penetrator! And it’s for a reason!!!
    Have a great one!!

  3. Dharma says:

    could you pls. add a server in UK? I would like to watch some of BBC educational clips.

  4. SYRS says:

    This VPN no longer works in Syria. When is the release of VyprVPN software for Mac? It might provide solution going around whatever wall the internet service providers put.

  5. Lisa Dave says:

    I want more server in Amsterdam

  6. Eric says:

    Please open up an endpoint in Canada! Preferably Halifax.