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Why a VPN is Essential for Online Banking

We’ve all heard the traditional pointers for safe online banking: a secure password, two-factor authentication, checking your bank account regularly. But what is many times overlooked is the importance of using a VPN while interacting with your bank accounts online. If you find…

reasons why you need a VPN while travelling on vacation

5 Reasons Why a VPN is Needed While on Vacation

Are you traveling somewhere exciting this summer? The amazing part about travel in the 21st century is that we can stay connected to everything that is happening at home, even if we are halfway across the world! However, with this luxury comes apprehension….

VyprVPN Free plans are changing

Changes to VyprVPN Free Plan

To provide a better value to our VyprVPN customers, we’re making some changes to our VyprVPN Free plan in the coming weeks. These changes are: New VyprVPN Free users will receive a one-time 500 MB of data usage Existing VyprVPN Free users will…

High percentage of people in Indonesia use VPNs

Why VPN Use in Indonesia is So High

A recent Global Web Index study revealed that Indonesia has the highest percentage of VPN users out of all 34 countries examined. Below, we take a look at some of the reasons why. Why Indonesia? Indonesia has the 4th largest population in the world…

VPN for Business Wi-Fi

Infographic: Why You Need a VPN when Conducting Business on Wi-Fi

Learn about the necessity of using a VPN when conducting business on public Wi-Fi. To download, click on the image and then right-click to “save as.” You can also read our blog post to learn more about the dangers of conducting business on unsecured Wi-Fi.


Take Control of your Network with VyprVPN Server

Last month we introduced the Beta of our newest product, VyprVPN Server. VyprVPN Server is a highly-secure, cloud VPN server that’s easy to set up. As our beta continues, we wanted to highlight some key features and uses for VyprVPN Server. If you haven’t…

Dangers Public Wifi

Why You Shouldn’t Be Doing Work on ANY Public Wi-Fi

Ars Technica recently posted an article entitled “Why you probably shouldn’t be doing work on that in-flight Wi-Fi.” While we agree wholeheartedly that it’s dangerous to use Wi-Fi that doesn’t involve an encryption scheme, we don’t think the article is worded quite strongly…

Netflix Blocks VPNs

Blocking by Streaming Services is Increasing

Almost two months after Netflix initially announced they’d be cracking down on proxy services, media is now reporting that Netflix is blocking VPN users from accessing their services. VyprVPN customers are also increasingly reporting that they are seeing the Netflix “streaming error” message when…

VPN Regulation

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt Fuel the Politics of VPN Regulation

Last week, an excellent Ars Technica article discussed the international politics of VPN regulation. The suggestion that the VPN industry needs to be regulated because people might use the service for illegal behavior is off base. Even a spoon can be used a murder weapon,…


Introducing VyprVPN Server Beta: The Cloud VPN Server You Can Trust

  Since the beginning of VyprVPN, we’ve provided a great consumer VPN service to bring privacy and security to our users everywhere – from your local coffee shop to travels around the world. We work hard to own and operate the fast, secure…