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Dangers Public Wifi

Why You Shouldn’t Be Doing Work on ANY Public Wi-Fi

Ars Technica recently posted an article entitled “Why you probably shouldn’t be doing work on that in-flight Wi-Fi.” While we agree wholeheartedly that it’s dangerous to use Wi-Fi that doesn’t involve an encryption scheme, we don’t think the article is worded quite strongly…

Data Retention by Country

Data Retention Laws By Country

Below is a chart outlining data retention laws in various countries around the world. We have created blog posts with more detail around several of these countries, which can be accessed by clicking “Learn More” under the country name. CountryRetention DurationCurrent StatusInformation Retained…

Data Retention

What Exactly is Data Retention and How Does it Effect Me?

What is Data Retention? Data retention is something that most companies engage in. The simple act of storing customer information for the purposes of repeated billing or invoicing is “data retention.” Companies retain data for a variety of reasons, from the purely practical…


EU Law Raises Workplace Privacy Concerns

A judgement was passed in January by the European Court of Human Rights that may set a precedent regarding if companies can legally monitor workers’ chats. This ruling came in the case of Bărbulescu v. Romania, in which a worker was fired for using a…

Drone and Privacy

Are Hobbyist Drones Legally Invading Civilian Privacy?

Within the conversation of privacy in the realm of technology, drones are no stranger to controversy. There are many different models and uses for drones. They are used for an array of political, economic and social purposes – utilized by the U.S. government,…

Privacy Checklist

Is Your Privacy Provider Trustworthy?

Our infographic will help you decide if your privacy provider can be trusted.

Internet of Things Privacy Risks

The Internet of Insecure Things

Although a huge 87% of people reportedly don’t know what the Internet of Things is, it’s safe to say that percentage will be decreasing soon. As described by USA Today, the IoT “simply means that an object has sensors embedded in it and…

Brazil Censorship

Proposed Law Could Increase Internet Censorship, Decrease Privacy in Brazil

Update – April 2016: A report was recently released by the Brazilian Commission of Inquiry (CPI) regarding Internet-related bills. Within the report are recommendations for legislation governing cybercrime, including seven bills. These recommendations are raising major concern – and protest – from privacy activists…

state of privacy in America

Pew Report Illustrates the State of Privacy in America

Pew Research recently released a study about the state of privacy in America, which revealed some very interesting findings. We’ve pulled out a few highlights, and provided related resources with information on privacy issues and ways you can protect yourself online. You can…

Data Privacy Day 2016

Happy Data Privacy Day 2016

It’s Data Privacy Day – and here at Golden Frog we’re celebrating! Sponsored by, Data Privacy Day is held on January 28 each year and was created to bring awareness to key issues surrounding privacy online. This year’s themes are respecting user…