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UK spying on citizens for 17 years

UK Surveils Citizens Illegally for 17 Years

The United Kingdom has been illegally conducting surveillance on citizens and their personal data for over 17 years. The Investigatory Powers Tribunal revealed last week that British “security agencies” were “secretly and unlawfully” collecting large amounts of personal data on United Kingdom citizens…


The Surveillance Continues: Yahoo Scans Hundreds of Millions of User Emails

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, yet every new revelation about the United States government’s sweeping surveillance of citizens still creates a stir. On October 4, Reuters broke news that Yahoo was surveilling the email of hundreds of millions of users – on request…


National Cyber Security Awareness Month: October 2016

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM)! This annual campaign takes place in the United States, and 2016 marks the event’s 13th year. NCSAM is sponsored by, and is supported by the US government. The goal of National Cyber Security Awareness Month is to raise awareness about…

Smart TV Spying

“Pay for Privacy” Model Discontinued by AT&T

In August, there was quite a stir when United States telco provider Comcast asserted they should be able to charge users more for privacy, endorsing a business model in which privacy is a “luxury” and comes at an additional cost to the consumer….

Rule 41 Threat of Surveillance

Rule 41 Gets Closer to Law, Threat of Surveillance Increases

Update – November 29, 2016: If no action is taken, Rule 41 and it’s alarming hacking provisions will go into place in two days, on December 1, 2016. This rule is particularly concerning for anyone who uses a VPN, Tor or even disables location settings…


NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden Seeks Pardon

Last week, several groups (ACLU, Human Rights Watch, and Amnesty International, among others) launched a campaign seeking pardon for Edward Snowden. This campaign asks President Obama to pardon Snowden, the NSA whistleblower whose name has become synonymous with privacy and Internet rights. Snowden…

Connect to a VPN on untrusted and unknown wi-fi networks

3 Reasons To Use VyprVPN’s Connect on Untrusted Wi-Fi Feature

Have you tried VyprVPN’s Connect on Untrusted Wi-Fi feature yet? Here are three good reasons why you should. It’s automatic. You don’t have to remember to connect to VyprVPN every time you encounter a new public Wi-Fi network! VyprVPN will automatically recognize untrusted networks and do…

WhatsApp Encryption

WhatsApp to Share User Data with Facebook

Update – September 2016: WhatsApp has been banned from sharing data with Facebook in Germany, an official decision that comes about a month after the announcement that WhatsApp would share user data with their parent company. This ruling was put into place because the…

Smart TV Spying

Paying for Privacy? Comcast Wants Privacy as a Luxury

Earlier this month, there was quite a stir when Comcast stated they should be allowed to charge broadband users a higher price if they wish to protect their privacy. This move was not unprecedented, as AT&T already charges users more if they opt out…

vpn for pokemon go

Pokémon Go: Gotta Protect Your Privacy

Pokémon Go is everywhere – you can’t go online without hearing about it, nor go out without witnessing people playing Pokémon Go all around town. Along with all the hype has come concern over the app’s privacy, with additional concern around the implications…