Golden Frog Supports ‪#‎ResetTheNet

Today, June 5, 2014, is the one-year anniversary of the first report about NSA spying based on the documents leaked by Edward Snowden. Over the last year, the continuous stream of news has confirmed what Golden Frog long suspected, your online privacy is…

Reset the Net

The Golden Frog 2014 World Cup Bracket Challenge

We are celebrating the 2014 FIFA World Cup with a World Cup Bracket Challenge! Fill out a bracket, pick your favorite teams, and join us for a chance to win some great prizes.

Golden Frog 2014 World Cup Bracket Challenge

The Hidden Dangers of DNS

Our infographic, “The Hidden Dangers of DNS” explains how your DNS requests can be captured and logged by 3rd parties. Learn how you can prevent these breaches of privacy by using VyprDNS, which is built into VyprVPN, and increase your security online.

DNS Logging

The Bill Formerly Known as the USA FREEDOM Act

Today, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a watered down version of the USA FREEDOM Act. How watered down? The revised version of the bill washed away half of its cosponsors.

VyprDNS – Encrypted, Zero-Logging DNS Now Available!

We are excited to launch VyprDNS, our encrypted, zero-logging DNS available exclusively with VyprVPN. We developed VyprDNS to increase privacy for VyprVPN users and to defeat censorship across the world. What is DNS and how does it affect you? A DNS server translates…

VyprDNS Protects

This is happening right now in front of the FCC

It’s happening. A group of dedicated net neutrality activists are gathering right now outside the FCC’s headquarters in Washington DC. They brought banners, signs and… sleeping bags.

Netflix vs. Comcast – The Peering Problem

Online streaming services are getting slower, and major ISP’s are getting more powerful. 2014 has been a controversial year in terms of the architecture of the Internet, and unfortunately it looks like things aren’t going to be getting better any time soon. One…

The Peering Problem

Get Your Own Private Key – If You Can

Last summer, the government demanded that Lavabit, an encrypted email provider, turn over private decryption keys so the government could conduct real-time e-mail monitoring of a specific Lavabit user. All concerned assume that the user in issue was Edward Snowden. Instead of turning…

Private Key

Golden Frog Customers Safe from Heartbleed Bug – What Action Should You Take?

In the wake of the Heartbleed Bug, many Golden Frog customers have reached out to see if Golden Frog’s services were affected and whether customers need to take any action. First and foremost, rest assured all Golden Frog services are currently safe from…

Private Sharing Available for Dump Truck

We are excited to announce Private Sharing is out of Beta and ready for all Dump Truck users! Use the Dump Truck Web App to access Private Sharing and securely collaborate on files and folders with other Dump Truck users. Invite anyone to…

Private Sharing Screen