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Why Isn’t There a VyprVPN App for Apple TV?

Apple recently introduced their new Apple TV in October, and the tvOS allows developers to create apps. As a result, we’ve had some questions about if we’re planning to build a VyprVPN App for the new Apple TV. Although tvOS allows developers to…


Connection Per App Now Available for VyprVPN for Mac

Want your apps to trigger VyprVPN to connect whenever you launch them? Now you can! Connection Per App is now available for VyprVPN for Mac. Just like on VyprVPN for Android, Connection Per App lets you control your VPN connection behavior on a per-app…

DigitalSafe and Golden Frog Partner to Offer Enhanced Privacy and Security Offerings to Customers

Trusted online storage and personal VPN companies create special offers to provide customers enhanced, easy-to-implement security solutions MEGGEN, SWITZERLAND – November 6, 2015 – DigitalSafe, a Swiss hosted secure document storage provider that offers encrypted email and password management, and Golden Frog, a…

DigitalSafe and VyprVPN

Golden Frog Partners with DigitalSafe

We’ve partnered with DigialSafe to offer our customers enhanced privacy and security for their files, and a document storage solution they can trust. Like Golden Frog, DigitalSafe is a premium service provider and implements the strongest levels of encryption. As part of the…

UK Investagatory Powers Bill

New UK Draft Law Prohibits “Unbreakable Encryption”

The US took a step in the right direction on the issue of encryption a few weeks ago, when the government officially announced they would not be seeking “backdoors” into encrypted communications (at least not for now). It comes as a bit of…

French Surveillance Law

The Surveillance Continues: France Ratifies Its Own Surveillance Law

Not long after CISA – a US surveillance bill – passed through the US Senate and continued forward, France has ratified a surveillance law of its own. As stated by Access, this law “threatens privacy worldwide,” as it allows France to conduct mass…

blocked social media sites

What Social Media Sites are Blocked Around the World?

Access to social media sites is blocked in various countries as part of restrictive censorship imposed by governments. Here’s a look at what social sites are restricted around the world. These sites have been reported as having been blocked in the past 2…

Golden Frog Reddit AMA

We’re Hosting an AMA on reddit!

Update: Our AMA has been postponed – we will be holding it during the month of January, so you have even more time to get your questions ready! We’ll keep you posted on our new date as soon as it’s determined. Original Post…

CISA Passes Senate

Surveillance Bill Moves Forward: CISA Passes Senate

The Senate passed CISA (the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act) yesterday, a surveillance bill that’s been packaged as a “cybersecurity” initiative. The bill is highly controversial and has faced strong opposition from privacy advocates and tech companies, as it poses extreme threats to privacy….

Golden Frog Announces Expansion of VyprVPN to Android TV Platforms

VyprVPN is now compatible with Android TV, providing an enhanced streaming experience and increased privacy and security MEGGEN, SWITZERLAND – October 27, 2015 – Golden Frog, a company that fights for online privacy and security, announced today that its VyprVPN personal VPN product…