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United Arab Emirates UAE Fine for VPN Use

New UAE Law Implements Fine for VPN Use

Last week, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) implemented a new federal law instituting large fines for using a VPN in the country. This law is among a “series of new federal laws relating to IT crimes,” and can impose a hefty fine of up…

how to watch the 2016 olympics with a VPN

How to Watch the Rio Olympics with a VPN and Improve Your Experience

The 2016 Rio Summer Olympics are almost here! To help you get ready for this year’s games, we’ve outlined the best ways to watch using a VPN. The XXXI Olympic Games This year marks the XXXI Olympic Games, which are taking place in…


Brazil Plans Bill to Regulate Access to Digital Data

As the summer Olympics approach, all eyes are descending on Brazil as they host this momentous event. However, in addition to news surrounding the Olympics, there has also been press around Brazil’s recent WhatsApp censorship and a new draft bill. In May we…


U.N. Declares Internet Access a Human Right

The U.N. made a monumental announcement this month, when they condemned Internet shutdowns to stand for human rights online. The non-binding resolution was unanimous, with leaders from across the world protesting these shutdowns and preserving Internet freedom. They encouraged governments far and wide…

The ICANN IANA Transition

The ICANN/IANA Transition in 60 Seconds

The following is a guest post by Paul Rosenzeig, the founder of Red Branch Consulting PLLC and a Senior Advisor to The Chertoff Group. More information about the author is displayed below. The international governance of the internet is about to change radically. How we…

use a vpn for all travel this summer to secure yourself on wi-fi while on vacation

Infographic: Using a VPN While Traveling

With so many public, unsecured Wi-Fi networks out there, it’s absolutely essential to use a VPN while traveling and connecting over these networks. Our graphic outlines the details.

Golden Frog Collaborates with Smithsonian’s Panama Amphibian Rescue and Conservation Project

Fight For Frogs: We’re More than Halfway There!

It’s been a month since we kicked off our Fight For Frogs campaign, a collaboration with the Smithsonian’s Panama Amphibian Rescue and Conservation Project. This campaign’s goal is to support efforts to save the endangered Panamanian golden frog (and other endangered amphibians)! We wanted to…

privacy shield data transfer agreement adopted by EU and US

Privacy Shield Data Transfer Agreement Adopted by US and EU

Update – August 2, 2016: The framework for Privacy Shield is now available online, and companies may sign up to participate. Original Post: The Privacy Shield, a data transfer agreement between the United States and the European Union, went into effect today as the European…


Self-Censorship in China Continues, Extends to Mobile Apps

We already know about censorship and propaganda pandemonium in China. The Great Firewall of China prohibits users from browsing the Internet freely, the 50c-party fabricates social media posts for strategic distraction[1] and the Internet police (wang-luo-guan-li-yuan) removes harsh criticisms about the Chinese government. As a…

FISA section 702

FISA Section 702 Reform: The Upcoming Debate About Our Freedom

The following is a guest post by Jadzia Butler, the Privacy, Surveillance, and Security Fellow for the Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT). More information about the author is displayed below. Imagine a world of constant, ubiquitous surveillance where your every move may be…