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Protect your iPhone with a VPN

VyprVPN for iOS secures your Internet connection on your iPhone. Whether checking email, browsing the web or using iOS apps, VyprVPN encrypts your Internet connection to secure your personal information from hackers and data sniffers.

Easy, One Swipe Connect

In manual mode, the VyprVPN app is designed to allow you to connect and protect your iPhone with a single swipe. Manually turn VyprVPN on when you need it and then turn it off when you don't.

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Fast VPN Server Selection

All VyprVPN server locations are populated in the VyprVPN app. You can filter by region or country, and favorite specific servers for fast server selection.

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VyprVPN Server Ping Test

Ping test the VyprVPN servers to find the fastest server. Simply run the test, and choose the fastest VPN server with the lowest ping time.

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Why use VyprVPN for iOS on your iPhone?

Data theft regularly threatens iPhone users on unsecured wireless networks. VyprVPN for iOS automatically encrypts your mobile Internet connection, preventing theft and privacy breaches. It also prevents your wireless provider or ISP from performing deep-packet inspection to inspect and prioritize the data sent to and from your iOS device.

An iPhone VPN allows you to experience a secure and open Internet. VyprVPN for iOS lets you connect to any VyprVPN server location in North America, Europe or Asia. Bypass firewalls and content restrictions on your iPhone and appear local to any of our global VyprVPN locations. Try VyprVPN today to get security and online freedom for your iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices.